Year 1972 was the most unforgettable event that happened in the history of the Philippines where Ferdinand Marcos declared Martial Law

Year 1972 was the most unforgettable event that happened in the history of the Philippines where Ferdinand Marcos declared Martial Law. I’ve watched a documentary titled “Batas Militar” commonly known in Its English translation “Martial Law” the documentary was about how former President Ferdinand Marcos ruled Philippines during his term. According in this documentary, shows that the Philippines during his term was at distress, they were people got arrested, jailed and tortured without apparent reason as the military, and police took advantage of their power, even women got degraded and raped. The media is also controlled as to show only favorable news about the government. This documentary also shows that the former President obviously cheated in a certain election in order to rule the Philippines for the second time, his thirst for power had been more evident as speculations spread of his plans for staying in office. A “New Society”, that’s what former President Ferdinand Marcos visions in his proclamation of Martial Law, his goal was a country full of progress, with the populace enjoying everything that the development brings, abundant life, peaceful society, harmonious relationship between people and good governance, was the opposite of what happened back during his term. People suffered a lot, and freedom has taken away from them, dreams were crushed, in the documentary, It shows that Marcos had betrayed our country.
During Marcos term, Marcos amended the constitution several times, and I believed that he uses this for his own sake. Democracy has come to an end, and no news tried to stop, and stepped on Marco administration’s way can be seen in broadsheet, and even in the broadcast media such as radio, television, they also put into closure those media stations that attack the wrong doings, and failures of the Marcos administration. They put into prison those people whose only objective is to say what they think is right and what they think is the best for the nation. Democracy and human rights has been violated during his time, not to mention the allegations of corruption and violation of its own constitution has been brought to former president Marcos.

The referendum was blemished with controversy, and It was set on July 17-28 1973. But, got questioned that there could have been any valid referendum help on January 10-15 1973. The Plebiscite to changes to voting requirements were implemented, the voting age was decreased 18 to 15 years old, and those who were illiterates, according to the opposition were allowed to vote.
As stated in 1973 Constitution of the Philippine Republic that the Prime Minister as the Commander-in-Chief may declare Martial Law under the same condition “in case of invasion, insurrection or rebellion, or imminent danger thereof, the public safety requires It.
According in the documentary, Martial Law is a very pretentious form of government, showing only knitted good points and ignoring the true scenario, full of lies, deceptions, selfish desires, and abuse of powers. The society has deprived from the truth and continually fed by lies. People are treated like animals, their human rights abused. Innocent ones are suffering but the evil ones enjoy benefits. As a student who was born in the different generation, and who truly had no idea what happened during Martial Law, I’m not against Marcos nor support him, It’s just that we don’t even know his side, because some people during Martial Law says that this proclamation brought us such as discipline, obedience and loyalty to the one who is in power.