When I return to Iraq after studying in the U

When I return to Iraq after studying in the U.K, I would like to return to my home city of Ramadi primarily. Here, my objective is to participate with British educational institution activities that support the development of educational project in my home city. After accomplishing my master’s degree, I will be qualified to offer more skills and knowledge.
My first primacy would be to help in establishing a central education office to organize the plans and activities and to follow – up the progress of educational projects. We are suffering from lower level of education and many students leave their schools in order to the results of war.
My newly acquired knowledge of the political sciences will give me a hand to understand how the countries which witnessed wars rebuild their countries after the war. I would like to focus on educational side and how they eliminate the negative impacts and enhance the value of education to develop their countries. As well as, with my previous experience in managing offices, settings active plans and budgets would enable me to fill this gap and help the directorate of education in my city to set up the center. The style of education that I will gain in U.K will be essential in rendering a high quality of thinking, new ideas to improve the level of education.
One of the important goals is to establish the central education office is to provide students with their necessary needs such as (books, bags, clothes). Also, rebuilding schools with basic services such clean water, electricity. But the main goal is to improve teachers’ abilities in modern teaching methods. Another thing is to take care the smart and talented students, to give them an intense courses and improve their academic skills. My cooperation and active contacts with British universities such as university of Sheffield, university of Kent in order to get advice and fund to support the activities of central education center. The center would give a good chance to develop student’s and teacher’s abilities in English language.
As to continue my goal to establish the educational center, I would like to complete my PhD in political science in one of best U.K university. Also, my dream is to work as a diplomat at the ministry of foreign affairs in my country or work in an international organization such as united nations. I need to prepare myself to acquire more skills and capabilities to get a diplomatic job. I will be expected to provide new ideas and thoughts to develop the political system, international relations and education in Iraq. I will make use of the skills obtained during my postgraduate studies, as well as my Chevening and UK university networks, order to achieve this goal.