What is a brand

What is a brand? Why does Unilever to want fewer of them?
Brand can be defines as a name, term, design, symbol or any other feature that identify one seller goods or services distinct from those of other sellers. Brand also can be known as an image representative for a product or services to be known among others.
Based on this case has stated that Unilever to want fewer of them. This is because since the formation of the company, Unilever expanded to include more than 1600 brands. This expansion led to the absence of a unified identity for Unilever’s products. For instance, the company maintained multiple brands for ice cream to serve each of its international markets. Company five years goal “Path to Growth” is to aim to winnow down the 1600 brands to 400, which can support a unified global identity for the company. The company wanted to simplify their product line to outreach to a more specific public knowing exactly what items they wanted to get involved in the market place.
What was Dove market positioning in the 1950’s? What is its positioning in 2007?
In the 1950s, the market position that Dove use was based on a soap that does not dry the skin since it was one of from cleansing cream. Basically, ‘cleansing’ was changed to ‘moisturizing’ but Dove focused their position as functional superiority with a moisturizing benefit. There was an enough evidence said that it would not dry the skin as a regular other soap would do, the company technically said it was not just an ordinary soap. They rely with this functional for more than 40 years.

However in 2007, Unilever wanted to make Dove as their Masterbrands Each of these Masterbrands are designed to be an umbrella identity over a range of product forms. Therefore, Dove was transformed into lifestyle brand, and centred for connection between customer and product. Plus, Dove began their ‘Campaign for Real Beauty’. This is because by doing this campaign, they could found out that beauty advertising created unattainable standards woman. This means, Dove was no longer rely on with functional superior as they used before this.