University Educational System Mission Statement Our mission is to create our university a citadel of education

University Educational System
Mission Statement
Our mission is to create our university a citadel of education. We want to provide students the best education one can get so that our student can conquer any career path they choses to walk on.
We want to produce professional who can:
1. Lead our generation to a better future.
2. Meet the standards of any field.
3. Produce high end research results.
4. Produce state of the art products.
5. Strive to solve the core problems of our time.
Primary Objective
Due to changing trends in the market, our client told us to make a software for their university an education system which should be online and should help their university to go on up and beyond and can give facility to their students, staff and parents.
Background of old information system
Before taking this project, our group searched for problems related to university and its management and then we came up with this idea which solved educational management problems by developing such a software which can be implemented in any educational system with almost the same requirements. The basic problems that we found of was:
• System had problems in managing student records.
• Communication barrier between a teacher and a parent.
• No online maintenance of student profile for a parent to keep an eye on their child whenever they want to.
• No online financial system.

Therefore, our group though of making such kind of an online educational management software which resolves the above-mentioned problems as well as ease the management depart.
Literature Review
At present the school management in Pakistan are completely manual based. It creates a lot of problems due to wrong entries or mistakes made by a human. To avoid such mistakes, our system will ensure these through proper checks and validation control methods while checking student records, fee deposits, teacher’s schedule, report cards etc. Another advantage is that manual based systems waste time and effort of a person and it’s pretty hard to find out information about a particular person. Therefore, this software will reduce work load and will save time for academic staff as well as for students.

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