Topic: Social issues
Title: Unemployment the problem that need to be solved globally
Word count: 455
The issue of unemployment is unapproachable to the greater part of nations on the planet and it is evident that the wealthier country is capable of solving such cases positively. In Massachusetts Institute of Technology researcher Chakravarty claimed that everything gets from the point that in well developed countries individuals are affected by machines, robots and PCs at work (2008). Thus they do not have anything to do and as a result they lose their job. Creations of such technologies are considered less expensive than individuals stated Richard Portes(2006). In any case, there are couples of things that should be possible to stop this procedure and keep it from advancing.
One of the main factors causing joblessness is high cost of workers’ maintenance. There ought to be done something about it, otherwise issues continue rising rapidly. However there will be a chance to hire number of employees that can react to the workers’ lives. In addition in that cases only superior politicians can decrease the costs.

A helpful recommendation for the individuals who are work seeking is take up more trainings or instruction, to increase new aptitudes with the necessities, that might be conceivable with a material help from searching offers Piven and Cloward (1970) . Subsequently individuals would have legitimate capabilities for sorts of occupations available.

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Besides, the states should deal with the individuals who are unemployed and do not allow them to sit like a disabled person, particularly do not give them a chance to give up. Jordan described an appropriate solution would be possible to create a kind of groups that motivate and persuade them not to stop (1972).Aftermath individuals would feel more confident, persuaded and they would impart to each other with expectations and thoughts.

One last proposal, that would help, is for governments to make new open doors for youngsters, and give them chances for apprenticeships which are advantageous to find their vocation way. As Clark claimed in USA apprenticeship in variety of vacations are spread that is available in any part of the country and at times status of this types of employees are considered higher than qualified workers (1995). In addition, the parents of young generation prefer to send their children for apprenticeship not to spend time with useless experience. According to National Young Generations Movement in 2012 in African countries children who are from poor background are persuaded to learn exact vocations in early ages. Also now this types of attempt having been accomplished to improve the standard of living despite the unemployment rising continuously.

Taking into consideration all the points, we will have chance to recreate another types of solutions like mentioned above with the help of global organizations that are responsible for improving lives equally.

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