Today I am reviewing ’10 things I hate about you’ which is a drama/teen film directed by Gil Junger

Today I am reviewing ’10 things I hate about you’ which is a drama/teen film directed by Gil Junger. The cast includes Julia Stiles who plays Katarina Stratford (Kat), Larisa Oleynik plays the role of Bianca Stratford Kat’s younger sister, Joseph Gordon-Levitt plays Cameron James and Heath Ledger has the role of Patrick Verona. 10 Things I hate about you is based off Shakespeare’s play ‘Taming of the shrew’.
At the beginning of 10 Things I hate about you Cameron James, a new student at Padua High. He gets shown around by Michael who becomes his best friend later in the movie. During Cameron’s tour of the school, he sees Bianca Stratford for the first time and becomes infatuated with her. He soon realizes that Bianca can’t date unless her older sister Kat dates. So, Michael helps him to trick Joey into thinking that if he pays someone to take out Kat, he can take Bianca out. Joey paid bad boy Patrick to take out Kat so he can get a date with Bianca. Patrick begins to flirt with Kat and does all sorts of insane stuff to get Kat to go out with him like this one scene where Patrick sings to Kat in front of everyone the song “Can’t Take My Eyes Off Of You”. After a while, Patrick and Kat start falling for each other. Joey pays Patrick extra money to get Kat to go to prom so Bianca can go with him.
In 10 things I hate about you When joey started to pay Patrick to take out Kat throughout the movie there was a change in Patrick as he slowly starts to, fall for Kat. We saw that he gave up smoking and refused the money that joey had offered him. Julia stiles was chosen to play the role of Katarina Stratford. Julia played her role very well as a smart, snarky and a bit rebellious teenage girl, Julia had won an award for Most Promising Actress.
At prom Kat finds out that she has been betrayed by Patrick being paid to take her out just so Bianca can go out with joey and she ends up running off. Bianca realises how much of a jerk joey is and ends up beating him up at the school prom. Bianca and Cameron get together and he takes her sailing. Patrick buys Kat a guitar to make up for what he had done and they resolve their issues. 10 things about you was a great film it was very enjoyable to watch but it was like any typical teenage movie. Where the main characters don’t like each other at the start then fall for each other in the end.


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