Brief overview: The tour shall begin with visiting the three most prominent islands, along with archipelago; Langkawi. Visitors shall be making stoppages at many other significant landmarks of the country, the Petronas Twin towers being the highlight of the trip. The famous and fastest cable ride of Malaysia shall be the locomotive helping visitors to go through all the natural scenic beauty of the capital city of Kuala Lumpur.
Detailed overview:
About destination: Malaysia, bearing the Petronas Twin towers, which were at one point in history were the tallest buildings in the world is a land which is an interesting combination of culture and history along with its blooming growth. The country welcomes its visitors with open arms and leaves them with a breathtaking experience that lasts forever. The land has a tropical weather perfect for its visitors to stroll through the city. The country is filled with varieties of attractions such as monuments, botanical gardens, scrumptious meal for those food loving tourists. Visitors can witness wide variety of culture mix alongside with fast pacing progress. There are many festivals that are being celebrated in the country throughout the year but Id ul Fitar is what one must witness when in Malaysia. The country showcases cultures from almost all the countries of South East Asia.
About the tour: Visitors shall be accompanied by an English speaking guide who would most likely would also be the driver to walk through the different landmarks of Malaysia. Each trip shall begin with a hearty breakfast and then heading towards the selected destination for the day. The tour shall begin with a thorough trip to the islands and then moving on to the varied monuments and landmarks of the country that shall include National Museum, National Mosque, National Gardens, The Langkawi Bridge, and different beaches. There will be display of numerous shops for the tourists to splurge on and take some memories of Malaysia with them.

Detailed itinerary:
Day One: Upon arrival the visitors shall be escorted by the drivers to their hotels where they can retire, in order for them to reenergize for their exciting trip ahead. The arrival day shall be spent by witnessing the beautiful scenario of the country. Places like Kilim Karst Geoforest Park, Langkawi Sky Bridge, Telaga Tujuh Waterfalls, Langkawi Wildlife Park or Tengah Beach shall rejuvenate the visitors through its mesmerizing beauty. First day of the trip will only include visitors to rest in their hotel rooms and a little bit of sightseeing.

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Day Two: It shall include visitors to visits the most prominent islands in the country, mainly three. The second day will be inaugurated with a healthy yet filling breakfast, followed by island tour. Pulau Dayang Bunting also called by the inhabitants as the pregnant maid island would be the first stop. The next stop for the island tour day would be the island of Big Lion also known as Pulau Singa Besar. The final island stop in the list of island hoping is Pulau Beras Basah, an excellent spot to enjoy the beauty of the nature. It is a great place for tourists to relax and enjoy the sun in the beach. Pulau Beras Basah marks the end of the island hoping for the second day. The day is concluded with relaxing in the hotel room preceded with a great supper.

Day Three: the third day shall have a full day excursion that will include a complete screening of Langkawi, it is an archipelago that is it is constituted of total 99 mini islands. It is home of serene beauty. The day will obviously begin with a scrumptious meal followed by picking up at the hotel. The first destination of the tour shall have Batik village where visitors can enjoy and peep into the different methods used for paintings. The trip is then followed by visiting Mount Cincang that is the second highest peak of Langkawi. Tourists will be riding the electric cable cars to reach at the spot. Coming up destinations in the third day tour are Black Sand Beach, Eagle Square, Crocodile Farm, Oriental Village and Mahsuri’s tomb that will bring the day to an end and also would complete the around tour of the Langkawi. The next activity that would be followed would be supper and rest in the hotel room.

Day Four: On the fourth day visitors shall be arriving in Penang airport to depart to the Penang city. Visitors shall be taken to the airport after the completion of their breakfast. Upon arrival in the Penang, they shall check in to another hotel for night stay. At night the Penang city shall be explored. The famous attraction of this place is the market. Visitors can enjoy variety of dishes and food, along with riding the main economically feasible locomotive of the town, a rickshaw. The Penang Bridge shows the serene beauty of the night time of the Penang town. At night tourists can come and retire in the hotel beds.
Day Five: The fifth day shall include the sightseeing of the Batik village. The tropical beauty of the Malaysian town, filled with eye soothing greenery and fine orchids shall be the shows topper of the tour. The market of the Penang is filled attractive artifacts and items that would please splurging visitors. Along with the mesmerizing scenic beauty of Penang, there will be one spot where visitors would make a halt. The Snake temple and as the name suggest one would find venom snakes in the Snake Temple otherwise also known as the Temple of Azure Cloud. The day come to an end with the visitors returning to their hotel rooms.

Day Six: On sixth day visitors shall be leaving the Penang airport to arrive at Kuala Lumpur. Kuala Lumpur the capital city of Malaysia that also encompasses the Petronas Twin towers, the 451m high tall towers are the delight of Malaysia and one of the most prominent landmarks of the country. Upon arrival to the Kuala Lumpur airport, visitors shall be proceeding to their hotels for the overnight stay, while on the way enjoying the scenic and progressing beauty of the capital city.

Day Seven: After a scrumptious breakfast, the city of Kuala Lumpur is waiting for its visitors to take a stroll. The first spot would be the Petronas Twin towers, once being the tallest building in the world still attracts massive numbers of tourists. Followed by National Museum, National Mosque, National Monument, Handicraft Centre and Kings Palace. The city would take at least two whole day to completely enjoy the landmarks along with the natural tropical beauty of the country. An English speaking guide shall also accompany the tourist.

Day Eight: The final day in Malaysia would definitely begin with a mouthwatering meal and that would lead to the road to the airport. The final day the visitors can once again enjoy the serene and tranquilizing beauty of the tropical weather of the country. Along the way to the airport once can make few stops at the Lake Symphony or the Botanical Gardens. The trip to Malaysia shall come to an end with that.


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