This story is about four element of today’s world

This story is about four element of today’s world. A owner of a house, the media, the authorities and the population. So, we can interpret that this story is divided in two. First, we have the owner of the house, a man, who doesn’t want to leave is house so the government can put in place a national park. From the beginning of the story until the end, he never changes his position. However, it’s not the case for the rest. In fact, at the start, the media, the authorities, which is composed of the RCMP, the government and the construction workers, and the population, which is composed of the kids who came to see him and his family, are not interested in his story. More than the story goes, more than the people starts to get interested in his story until his peek. And then everyone “pack up” and send him to oblivion.

When the story start, it says that they had send a women this time. Which mean that it is not the real start. Indeed, this women is from the media and its mean that they tried more than once to talk with him. Also, Jake, the homeowner, is someone you can call, very determined in life.

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