There is a dichotomy in life we hate challenges in everyday life but if there are nothing to challenge our soul we feel boredom and miserable and try to find a purpose of our existence

There is a dichotomy in life we hate challenges in everyday life but if there are nothing to challenge our soul we feel boredom and miserable and try to find a purpose of our existence. But in any case we should not forget that Life is a gift of God. And we should celebrate it fully. We always need a short break to recharge ourselves to face challenges or break the barrier of boredom. Holidays or picnics are the best way that not only imparts a new vigor to our mind but also increases our knowledge.
In order to break the monotony of our routine life, we made a plan for one day excursion to rejuvenate ourselves. My father, my sister and I have an appetite for exploring lost civilization. So, we decide to visit historical place Katas Raj Temples complex where different and salt mines to make maximum of our day. I m always hypnotically attracted and pulled along to Historical sites that never fail to arouse curiosity in me, curiosity to know about the people from the past how they lived their life and how they worked.
At the decided day, we woke up at 5 A.m. in a cheerful and exultant mood. And got ready everyone was in a rush. I took half an hour to freshen up that day. Very Unusual thing, normally I take forever to get ready.
When our exhilarating journey was started, the pale red-orange sun at eastern horizon was dissolving its myriad hues in the sea of sky and light was filter through the clouds that were floated on the blue sky like icebergs on the glacier was a pleasant morning .after leaving our house with an exuberant mood, we headed toward M2 motorway. Travelling on motorway is always a lovely experience because of its excellent road condition, and picturesque sights along the way. But most important you don’t have to face inevitable traffic jams like in Lahore and road is at your disposal. Thank to our politicians who decided to construct it. Passing through green fields at high speed when clouds are your constant companions is nothing other than amazing. A real sense of rapture embraces me when I took my head out of the window, close my eyes and feel the cold wind against my face. Letting everything slipped away and overcome by a feeling of pure bliss I felt so light and weightless. Whispering of cold wind in my ear transports me to another realm, realm of imagination, where life seems so perfect and beautiful. I feel ecstasy. My corporeal existence was dissolved in incandescent air.
There I go, in a flit of flight
Soaring above myself,
No earthly binds to tie
No weight to detain
I’m free from life’s call
So lightsome and heart
Disconnected by my father voice “Close the window” I was back to reality. We stopped in between for breakfast and fuel but then we went nonstop. The winding curves of Lahore Islamabad motorway lead us to picturesque valley of Kalarkar that is famous for its spectacular and stunning nature beauty. Off to Kalarkar interchange we hit a road to Choa Sadian Shah. Travelling on the rough and bumpy road, I was feeling like we are going to a place that is very close to nature where we will breathe in clean and fresh air away from untouched by modern technology civilization and mechanical life but then I saw a smoke funneling out the big chimneys of cement factories. The beauty of the place was ruthlessly marred by the presence of cement factories.