Swan Lake is an example of a classical ballet

        Swan Lake is an example of a classical ballet. This is apparent because swan lake is highly structured and focuses on classical style choreography.  Some examples of which is the En pointe which is performed multiple times by the female dancer. She also demonstrates the use of Jeté and Pirouette throughout the ballet. Swan Lake is a good example of classical ballet because of its percussive use of elevation and extension throughout.

          In contrast to Swan Lake Night Journey is an example of modern dance. The reason behind this is that unlike classical ballet modern dance which focuses more on the dancers freedom and emotion and which uses the whole body. Night Journey shows excellent use of Canon which occurs during the beginning. It also different levels that the dancers use going from very low to very high. With plenty of musicality to the dancers movements. Night Journey is a great example of modern dance because of its movement quality and narrative. One point that stands out is the dynamics at play during the dance.

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