Speech Therapy Aletvia Garcia Juarez Knight High School Abstract Children that have trouble pronouncing words and speaking is a speech disability

Speech Therapy
Aletvia Garcia Juarez
Knight High School

Children that have trouble pronouncing words and speaking is a speech disability. A speech therapist helps children to improve their communication and language skills. Speech Therapist have different strategies to work with kids in order for them to learn new words. Speech therapist are also known as speech language pathologists. Speech language pathologist can identity what kind of struggle they have in speech. They also diagnosis Adults that have a brain injury that went through surgery or had a shock. Speech language pathologist have resources to help children and adults with speech disabilities.

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Children and Adults that have speech disabilities don’t have the same problem. They can, but everyone thinks differently and learns differently. Speech disabilities is when a person has trouble saying words or sounds.They processes things differently because they have trouble communicating with others with huge sentences. When a person has trouble saying sounds they can have a problem with their voice. However, how can Speech Therapy help people develop language skills to improve themselves from speech disability? What other kinds of disorders can a people have when they have speech problems?
Language disabilities happens when a person has trouble understanding language, they have a hard time communicating emotions, sharing Ideas and thoughts. People that have speech disorders can have other disorders like language disorders, social communication disorders, cognitive communication disorder, swallowing disorder and etc.. When people have language disabilities they speak using syntax, morphology and phonology a way to communicate with others, Syntax are simple words being created into a sentence. Morphology are words that have the same meaning as another word and Phonology is speech sounds in the language. Just like people communicate they have their way to communicate too , but not in the same way we do. They have more trouble putting words together into a sentence and to make it easier for them to communicate they just put words together to express their ideas. They can have trouble organizing thoughts, paying attention, remembering and problem solving but that happens when a person had a stroke or has a brain injury. When a person has a stroke it can lead to a swallowing disorder. Not just a stroke it can also be an illness, surgery or injury
Speech language pathologist are known as speech therapist. They are able to diagnose people who have disabilities with speech. When a speech therapist has a new person to work with they give them a test to see what kind of help the client needs. The test is helpful for the therapist to know which level of teaching they need. Speech language pathologist work in different sites such as clinics, schools, hospitals or healthcare. Speech therapist are people that are required to know the study of human development, communication and the disorders. Most of the speech therapist holds a masters degree in speech language pathology, to be able to work with people. The way they work with their patients who have speech disabilities is working with them individually or in a group to overcome a specific problem. The strategies they use to develop children communication skills and speech is by playing with objects that have words or flashcards that have pictures on it and doing a repetition activity . Having activities that children enjoy playing will give them more motivation to repeat a vocabulary and learn more which is a good thing to do for them to focus. Kids are full of energy so it is important to get their attention in order for them to learn the skills they do need to develop. Speech therapist are there to help them with their speech disabilities and learn , but I believe if they’re parents help their kids at home they’ll be able pick up vocabulary and conversations quickly. The exercises that adults and kids use with a speech therapist are language interventions activities, articulation therapy and swallowing and feeding therapy. How swallowing and feeding therapy works is that speech therapist knows if the muscles are weak in the throat. Once people start getting older our muscles start to weaken and if the muscles are not strong as before the speech therapist will recommend to do throat exercises to strengthen the muscles in the throat. When our muscles weaken in the throat the food won’t pass as normal sometimes food will get stuck in the throat. In this case what speech language pathologist do is tell the patient what they can eat and what they can not eat until the muscles get better.
My personal statement based on speech therapy it’s actually a good thing there’s resources that can help people and therapy exists because not everyone can just help a person. It has to be a person that has a degree, has the patients to help others and enjoys helping people.. In my opinion I see that young children are the ones that can have a hard time developing skills.Just because sometimes they don’t remember things and is hard for them to express their emotions by communicating. For me communication is something you need because you can express how you feel, ideas or talk to people about anything. If you don’t know how to communicate it might just be so frustrating sometimes because others won’t be able to understand. Knowing that there’s people who need help I would want to help in a healthcare.
This subject is really important because people need help in order to be able to overcome the disorder and people who have this disorder can have hearing impairments or other developmental delays ,weak oral muscles, chronic hoarseness, birth defects such as cleft lip or cleft palate,autism, respiratory problems and traumatic brain injury. The only people that can help patients with these kinds of disorders are, speech language pathologist just because they are educated on what to do in those kinds of disorders and be able to help them out. SPLs which stands for Speech language pathologists will do anything they can to make sure their patients are getting the best care they get and help them achieve the goal of developing the skills they need. People who have speech disorders need therapy that way they know how to communicate in different ways. If people can’t communicate with talking speech therapist teaches them different ways they can. It can either be by American sign language, writing, sounds, computer systems.
Quick Children’s Speech Therapy At Home by Jane Bishop(2009) is a book that parents can use to teach their child to speak correctly in 5 minutes.The book has things what a parent can do with their kids at home . The book has fun activities to work with your children to learn in 5 minutes . It has games for word repetition, matching games like cards and also has words to try to teach your child. They created the book because sometimes when mothers have child and they notice that they are having trouble pronouncing words or they still don’t talk at the certain age they need to be. If the child does not start talking the mother tends to get very worried just because they don’t know what to do next. The book is a great resources for parents just because it’s not hard to teach to your child and I feel like when mothers get to know what kind of help their child need they can built a great bond. Then parents would be able to work with them at home in their free time. If the parents are more involved I feel like their children are more likely to learn faster if they are learning everyday.
The assumptions about this topic is never using baby talk and there’s assumptions of that because, but it says you should talk to baby’s in baby talk it’s more likely for them to get more attach to words when the parents are talking to them. Another assumption is having small kids to learn by educational videos, or dvds. They say since they are little it’s more likely for them to know what they are talking about , but if you use flashcards with words it might be a chance to a baby to pick it up. It can only be basic words not big vocabulary words. Using a pacifier causes speech and language problems is an question to ask but that question has been blank and not answered if it is a problem or not. Pacifier are bad because it can cause a dental problem and ear infection which can lead a problem to speech a language to the child development , but there was studied and haven’t found no difference with a control group. There was a case by professionals that agreed if the pacifier was not in the baby’s mouth so much children opportunity would be to babble and imitate sounds for communication. Speaking telegraphically to young children helps them learn to talk and that is not true because they are only using the same word constantly, but no other vocab words or phrase. When they grow up they won’t know how to speak perfect grammar just because baby’s grow up and which every word catches their attention and is being repeated they get stuck with that one word. The true about children is that boys talk later than girls and that is because boys learn sentences later than girls. Boys are not delayed they just take a while to talk , but It is proven that boys have more of a difficult time with language. Children that grow up speaking two languages will not have delay on any of those two languages and if they mix and match words with the other language it’s normal because people who are bilingual tend to do that.
My conclusion based on Speech Therapy is actually a nice thing to know more about a certain topic because I had the opportunity to see how much this topic actually ties in with psychology. Speech disorder is not just one either there are different kinds of others disorders that you can have with speech depending what was the cause to get the disability of speech. Speech therapy is their to help people that have a hard time to communicate with others and since they don’t know how to social they tend to spend time alone. It’s a good thing to know people can communicate in different ways and speech therapist are there to teach them different ways they can communicate with people. So in other words no matter what their is hope to always get better because there’s so many resources that can help. Speech language pathologist go to school for 7 years, but at the end of the day they are making a big change. In speech and language they have direct and indirect consequences for child and adolescent development communication is the most popular one but it’s not only that one it’s also in associated abilities such as reading and achievement academically that relay on speech and language skills.


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