Some people agree that students should bring electronics to school other don’t

Some people agree that students should bring electronics to school other don’t. In the article “Hang It Up” by Jesse Scaccia, the author disagrees. She believes cellphones are a “status symbols”, students bring their cellphones to look cool, they want other kids to look at them and think they are so cool. A student that want to succeed and be efficient in school shouldn’t use their cellphone in any class. I agree with the author, I believe that students have a bad habit of using their cellphones in class they can’t even control themselves.

Many parents think that by buying their kids a smartphone they are going to be better at school or get a better grade. Some parents buy their children’s cell phones in case there’s an emergency or simply because they think the kid it’s going to behave better in school and some other parents buy it because they think their kid is doing great at school and they feel like surprising them. Truth is a lot of these kids manipulate their parents so that they could buy them the latest phone. Electronics make a student fail if they be using it in class. “One reason students fail is because of the distraction in the classroom, especially the cell phone.” I can see where she’s coming from, a lot of students start to use the phone when the teacher is not looking and some of them don’t even care if the teacher is looking. I am going to agree and I am also going to say that I am one of those students, I use my phone in class but it’s never because I don’t want to learn or because I find the class boring. I think i’m just used to be always checking my phone.

I believe that these kids have a bad habit. Nowadays you see parents buying their kids iPads or tablets to their young kids so that they could stay quiet, ” There are legitimate causes that parents should be taking on. But they are wrong on this cell phone issue. In this case, they are part of the problem. I can see where she’s coming from but I also believe some parents are too overprotective. There’s been a lot of shootings in differents schools in the U.S and I think that parents would like know if their child is okay. That’s the only way that they can communicate. “Parents think cell phones as a connection to their children in an emergency.”