Shakespeare’s play

Shakespeare’s play, Measure for Measure, focuses on human morality. The play also shows the miscount between politics and laws. Also explores the question what is right or wrong between any relationship during that time and brings out the true colors of some main characters in the play.
Claudio is a young man who was sentenced to death for impregnating an unmarried woman. He was engaged to her by compromise, but they had sexual intercourse before the legal marriage took place. During the time the law didn’t allow anyone to have sex before they got married. In the play it shows that Claudio doesn’t follow the same laws and religious practices than like who his sister Isabella.
Claudio is proven guilty in the laws hands but doesn’t feel guilty because he says “that’s my fast wife “even though they weren’t married yet. He still saw her as his wife
“This we came not to
Only for propagation of a dower
Remaining in the coffer of her friends,
From whom we thought it meet to hide our love
Till time had made them for us. But it chances
The stealth of our most mutual entertainment”

Claudio claims that he and Juliet haven’t make a announcement about of their marriage because they were waiting for Juliet’s relatives to bring her part of a dowry, which also means that the goods of the marriage or any land that women in the marriage brings to the marriage for them both

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Angelo is the villain in the play, a man who’s supposes always go along with the rules, who’s selfish, cruel and wants everyone to follow the rules. Not only that he wants everyone to follow his rules, but he also is hypocrite. Meanwhile he tries to execute Claudio for having sex out with his fiancé. Angelo also attempts to force Isabella to have sex with him, then later lies about it.
“Hold, therefore, Angelo.
In our remove be thou at full our self.
Mortality and mercy in Vienna
Live in thy tongue and heart. Old Escalus,
Though first in question, is thy secondary.
Take thy commission.
Your scope is as mine own,
So to enforce or qualify the laws
As to your soul seems good”. (1.1.46-50; 70-72)
Meanwhile Duck is out of town, he gives the power to Angelo, so he can put authority in the town. He wants everyone to follow the laws of Vienna. When Duck gave Angelo the authority, he wanted Angelo “enforce or qualify the laws’.
In other words, the Duke is giving Angelo the freedom to enforce the law, it’s up to Angelo, who should do what seems is right or wrong.
Windmeter quoted “old nobility – his paternalism, h of power, his private sense of justice, his expectat the community, and their automatic impulse to se tion.4 The deputy, on the other hand, bears a strike \magistrates like, Duck gave him the power to se what’s wrong and what’s right, but Angelo seems to take advance of his power

In the end of play Angelo was caught lying and also punished for his actions and lies towards Isabella, knowing that he tempted to rape Isabella and also lied about it because he knew what he was doing was wrong. Duck sentenced him to death but Duck decide to change his hand and told Angelo, his new sentenced is to marry the woman he had once scorned when her dowry fell through Mariana. The irony was this part of the play because Angelo was sentence Claudio for premating his finance but then Angelo try rape to Claudio’s sister Isabella. Also, he got twisted when Duck decide to give Angelo a selected to marry someone who didn’t care about.

Windmeter quoted “oration, but so is gen- uine remorse for the pain he has caused others. When he pleads for death second time, he is married, and both women he has wronged have knelt and begged the Duke to spare his life. This seems to have a pronounced effect on Angelo. In answer to Escalus’s expression of sorrow over the deputy’s failings, Angelo responds, “I am sorry that such sorrow I pro- cure, / And so deep sticks it in my penitent heart / That I crave death more willingly than mercy. / ‘Tis my deserving, and I do ent “(PG22)

Angelo prefer getting the death sentence then marrying someone he didn’t want to marry, Mariana was a one-time fiancée of Angelo’s, who he abandoned after her dowry was lost and her brother was killed in a shipwreck, once that happen Angelo stopped caring about her because it seem all he wanted was her money.
Lucio is one of Claudio’s best friends, who also tries to help him out getting out of jail. He also tries to convince Claudio sister to have sex with Angelo, so Claudio can come out of the death sentence.
Isabella is Claudio’s sister, a very virtuous young woman who faces a difficult decision when her brother is sentenced to death for breaking the law. She doesn’t prove about what he did but she also doesn’t want her brother to die.
As they both spoke to each other, Claudio tries to convince her to have sex Angelo to save his life. Isabella takes it as insult right away, knowing that Claudio is coward for even asking her this. She rather prays for his death then giving her virginity to anyone, mostly for his mistakes. Claudio becomes selfish and coward for asking his sister for that flavor, he seen only to be thinking of himself in order to stay alive. Isabella is very religious and doesn’t believe idea of any type of sexual relation involving her and Angelo will even work.
Climax begins when Angelo tries to rape her but also when Isabella, dyke and Mariana go against Angelo and tricking him.
Duke Vincentia is the one in charge of everyone in town, decides to fake a vacation and puts Angelo in charge of handing out justice, in shows that Duke is really good guy and also seem to care about his people, doesn’t seem have the heart to punish his people.
But he wanted to test Angelo and see how handles the control of the power.
“thus, for the Duke to substitutes a counter felt justice for genuine coin of the realm would amount to the same kind of treason against god that Angelo later associates with bastard bearers who ”do coin heaven’s image”
In this quote Duck describes how he tries to give everyone an equal chance and even though he is ruler of the town he wants everyone to be fair and honest.
Wilson’s asked a very interesting question, I believe that Shakespeare’s play shows the abuses of power that can happen when the law forcemeat or politics take their power over their head and the authority to decide for themselves what counts as disorder and how to fight it.
To as for myself I truly believe that Claudio was no guilty because I felt like everyone should be allowing to have sexual intercourse with their partner, of course they both agree with it. During the play Claudio also showed that he truly cares about his fiancé not like Angelo who left fiancé when all her “dowy “was washed away in the ocean and her brother too.


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