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Philadelphia Community
Philadelphia Community
The community, which I belong to is Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, which is a state, located in the Northeastern region in the United States. Philadelphia is the largest city in the United States and the main economic centre in Pennsylvania with major companies and other economic activities, which include the Philadelphia international airport and the Port of Philadelphia (Elliott, Popkin, & Woodall, 2017). Philadelphia is a geopolitical community, which is defined by certain geographical aspects, which determine the boundaries of the community from other communities. Philadelphia is a geopolitical community because it is located between the Delaware and Schuylkill rivers (Elliott, Popkin, & Woodall, 2017). Philadelphia has also the greatest number of historic sites, which impact the economic status of the city.
Philadelphia is my phenomenological community as this is where I belong and a member of a larger community. This is because I share similar values, goals, and beliefs with other community members (Elliott, Popkin, & Woodall, 2017). This includes religion and the nursing professional group, which I associate with in my community. Some of the challenges that health nurses face in providing care for different communities includes different cultural values, which may pose an obstacle in the provision of healthcare services to the community (Maurer & Smith, 2014). Some of the community’s values and practices may prevent the community in engaging in certain healthcare practices. A healthcare professional should research specific communities prior to administering healthcare services to be able to understand their practices and perspectives (Maurer ; Smith, 2014).
One of the benefits of providing care for different communities to a healthcare professional is increasing healthcare knowledge based on the experience from serving different communities (Maurer ; Smith, 2014). This is helpful to a healthcare professional to be flexible when addressing healthcare issues in different communities. Healthcare professionals should be willing to accept and accommodate cultural differences in different communities. This will help the healthcare professional in implementing certain interventions to address the challenges experienced in providing care to the diverse communities (Maurer ; Smith, 2014). Challenges that a healthcare professional may face in providing care for similar communities include assumptions, which a healthcare professional may make based on her knowledge, which may lead to a negative outcome (Maurer ; Smith, 2014).
A healthcare professional should assess each community for specific needs and identify any issues associated with the communities. One of the benefits that the community health nurses would have is having prior knowledge on the common practices and believes which would help the healthcare professionals in effectively providing care to the community (Maurer ; Smith, 2014). Some of the global health issues present in Philadelphia includes the rise in chronic illnesses, which are attributed to poor life styles. These include the rise in diabetes, heart disease, and obesity, which have contributed to a majority of the healthcare cases in Philadelphia. There are no ethnic sub communities in Philadelphia, which constitutes the black, the white, and the Asian communities (Elliott, Popkin, ; Woodall, 2017).

Elliott, J. E. B., Popkin, N., ; Woodall, P. (2017). Philadelphia. Finding the hidden city. Philadelphia: Temple University Press.

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Maurer, F. A., ; Smith, C. M. (2014). Community/Public Health Nursing Practice – Health for Families and Populations. Elsevier: Health Sciences.


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