Penang Mutiara

Penang Mutiara, one of the most luxurious and prestigious hotels in South-East Asia region “Penang” with few hotels that can be compared with in the region, owned by the Pernas-OUE of Malaysia and managed by Singapore Mandarin international hotels, the hotel is managed by a man who is fully aware with the importance of implementing an effective operation strategies, in another words a plan specifying how an organization will allocate resources in order to support infrastructure and production.
Penang Mutiara aim is providing impeccable quality and customer oriented strategy to provide a touch of its own which makes it unique in its industry to retain its customers, in order to compete for the business and stay step ahead of its competitors in the hotels industry, meanwhile, the hotel is using an impeccable quality strategy where it knows that “the impeccable service is what gives us the competitive advantage not the price.”, for that to be achieved, the manager set basic standers for his staff to be well trained, knowledgeable, sensitive and anticipative to think ahead in order to provide basic and value-added services for the customer to achieve their satisfaction of needs. The ability to remember regular customer’s information and preferences plus the quality services in terms of providing stylish designs and top-class materials are also another way of sustaining high-class image and luxury atmosphere to create comfortable feeling to welcome the visiting guests.
Even though Penang Mutiara managed to preserve its competitiveness with their current strategy, new strategies should be introduced to improve the existing one. The manager can start with the staff by implementing new staff trainings, retrain and upgrading of skills to meet unpredictable customer’s needs. While to enhance the channels of communications, a regular customer’s opinion surveys can be implemented for monitoring the staff performance and the quality and efficiency of the services provided. The use of the internet in the reservation while ensuring complete security of customer’s personal information and credit cards can be a method of adopting new flexibility strategy. Not to forget the marketing strategies and its role in maximizing the profitability and value of the hotel like hosting social and sports events, or hosting celebrities which can cause a huge difference in the hotel’s occupancy rates .
To conclude, new strategies must be implemented quickly because even if the hotel managed to preserve its competitiveness in the industry, it’s not enough to remain competitiveness due to market demand.


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