Parents/Guardians Beware The article

Parents/Guardians Beware
The article, How to Help Eliminate the Hidden Enemy that Triggers Autism, written by, Dr. Joseph Mercola is a desperate cry out to the Centers for Disease Control to seriously further examine vaccinations and their relationship to autism spectrum disorder. Additionally, and more importantly, this informative article alerts parent and/or guardians to the dangers of the possible connection between vaccines and ASD. For instance, it was once reported that 4 of every 10,000 children tested positive for ASD, however today it has grown to 1 of every 50-110 child tests positive for ASD (Mercola, 2011). Dr. Mercola refers to this data as a “medical disaster” considering what was previously a rare disease thirty years ago has since turned into a prevailing phenomenon. This is no laughing matter and certainly deserves immediate attention from policy makers and the Centers for Disease Control. Dr. Mercola urges the medical world to take into consideration that just maybe vaccinations are not what parents or guardians believe them to be. When first using an author’s name in a signal phrase in a paragraph, give the year of publication in parentheses after the name, i.e., Smith (2007). Then you can just use the author’s name without the year of publication. To be more specific, he suggests that vaccinations are re-evaluated and researched to have a clearer understanding of the possible dangers of what runs deep into the veins of children while they are being injected with these silent poisons better known as vaccines. As parents, we believe vaccinations are a preventative means to the millions of diseases out there just waiting to attack our little ones. Vaccines are supposed to help our children, but per article How to Help Eliminate the Hidden Enemy that Triggers Autism that may not be the case. So, the question remains, are vaccinations beneficial or catastrophic? In case you are wondering the validity of Dr. Mercola’s findings, they are easily traced back to a collection of releasing peer-reviewed articles such as this one. you Included in this article is a former senior scientist at a pharmaceutical firm, Dr. Helen Ratajczak who outlines frightening similarities between the time frame that the vaccine MMR II was released and that ASD cases skyrocketed. Incidentally, MMR II was a newly modified vaccination to included human tissue. Although it is important to note, Dr. Mercola reports that the MMRII vaccine may not be the only likeliness of soaring autism cases. He further proclaims other scholarly research shows multiple vaccinations, within a short period, may also play a factor to this controversial concern (Mercola, 2013). For instance, a board certified neurosurgeon and an expert on autism, Dr. Russell Blaylock, attributes autism to the profound amounts of brain cells being triggered for long periods of time. Within this article, Dr. Blaylock explains in detail how this process occurs. In short, specific brain cells, better known as microglia, activate to protect against viruses as they enter the body and begin to attack. It is necessary to note that the brain considers these injected vaccines destructive and therefore must fight them off (Mercola, 2013). Dr. Blaylock adds that this can become a decade-long process since children receive vaccinations far into their school years, all the while keeping the cell wide-awake causing great harm to the brain, due to these highly reactive molecules running ramped throughout children’s bodies; ultimately combatting something that is not even there! Additionally, Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride, Russian neurologist specializing in autism, learning disabilities, neurological disorders, psychiatric disorders, immune disorders, and digestive problems, supports vaccinations not being safe for all children. However, she takes the theory, one step further by proclaiming vaccinations appear only dangerous to children found to have Gut and Psychology Syndrome (GAPS) and therefore, children with GAPS should not be vaccinated due to potential risks of ASD. Although, like Dr. Blaylock, she does not specifically mention any one vaccination; however, Dr. Ratajczak does attribute ASD to possibly MMRII. The discussion of vaccinations has been going around for centuries, should we or should we not vaccinate our children. Certain religious exemptions were first brought into play and now, today, growing in number each day, more caretakers are deciding against vaccinations due to the alarming reports presented by various resources (Pierik, 2017). Incidentally, scholarly and peer-reviewed article, On religious and secular exemptions: A case study of childhood vaccination waivers, by Dr. Roland Pierik, contradicts any theories already mentioned in this paper. In fact, Professor Pierik distastefully discredits the belief that there is any correlation between vaccinations and ASD, but more so, his unpolished demeanor criticizes parents as well as religious and political groups for their position on the matter. Additionally, he cleverly throws up the 1998, Andrew Wakefield (a former gastroenterologist and medical researcher) case where Dr. Wakefield implied that there was a strong connection with MMR and ASD but his report was eventually thrown out because Wakefield was found unreliable. Professor Pierik continues to stand firm in his belief that Wakefield is a fraud and vaccines are safe for injection (Pierik, 2017). For some reason Dr. Pierik’s rebuke on this matter did not set right with me, so I researched more about his position and what drives him to such mockery. Admittedly, he has quite a powerful and extensive resume which consists of: Associate Professor of Legal Philosphy/Dean for PhD students, University of Amsterdam. Director of the Paul Scholten Center for Jurisprudence. Watch for fragments, which are confusing to readers. This is a list, so use commas between the items rather than periods. Director of Health Council, Netherlands. Extensive research in legal philosophy, political theory, public policy, liberal theories of justice and global. Faculty of Philosophy, University of Leuven. Visiting scholar, Oxford University, University College London, Columbia University, and the list goes on. However, there is one rather captivating discovery remaining. You see, Dr. Pierik is currently a member of a certain committee known as the Vaccination Committee (Amsterdam, 2016). Let that information soak in a bit. So, while Dr. Mercola reports his regard on the dangerous relationships between vaccines, GAPS, and ASD, others mock at such deliberations. It is unfortunate that the Wakefield case will “likely go down as one of the most serious frauds in medical history” because he most likely was on to something but perhaps lost his focus along the way (Rao ; Andrade, 2011). Nevertheless, there is still the unsolved perplexity of the connection among ASD and vaccinations. Regardless of the validity of one source from another, the bottom line is this ongoing argument began with vaccines and ends with autism. Whether ASD is the result of being vaccinated or vaccinations are the cause of ASD should not be the primary focus. What matters is the disturbing increase with children being diagnosed with ASD and the common denominator is one of three regards: first, the modified MMRII vaccine, second, multiple vaccinations given in too short of a timeframe, and third, GAPS. You will find that Dr. Ratajckak, Dr. Blaylcok, and Dr. Campbell-McBride each hold medical degrees specializing in the three options, which means their theory should have greater impact considering they have been on the frontline carefully watching as this nightmare unfolds. In other words, their expert testimony supports claims made.I believe there is a connection, but whether it comes from the MMRII drug, microglia, or GAPS is up to the medical world to figure out. In the meantime, do we continue to medicate our children with the unknown – no thank you! You’re writing an academic response, not a blog post or Facebook post. Keep word choice and sentence structure formal. Revise this sentence to state what you think parents should do in a formal way.

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