Our topic will be the study of epistemology

Our topic will be the study of epistemology, with a sub-category in the study of divine knowledge. The tool we will be using to convey the topic will be via powerpoint presentation. We will be using examples from Aspasia, about her ideas of probable knowledge rather than absolute truth, Plato, who claims human beings can’t attain true knowledge, and Bacon, who claims the best we can do is to perfect our imperfect knowledge. Clearly, we will have a lot to discuss with Bacon and Plato’s clashing ideas, but will make sure to bring in key points from other rhetoricians. We might face a challenge in being able to recall certain quotes from our textbook to help influence our key points in these arguments. Also, being able to order our thoughts in a mannerly fashion that makes sense, yet is also efficient in informing our fellow students more on the ideas of knowledge from the rhetoricians. The project idea is very loose, as the project itself. Is there any way to narrow down the project to make it easier to understand what is expected of us to make sure we are able to put together the best project we can? Also, would it be better to create this powerpoint on epistemology via linear or via ideologies? For example, should we start with Aspasia then work our way up to Bacon, or should we group the ideas together and present them together?


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