Organisation Name EABL

Organisation Name
EABL. has been a leading brewer of adult alcohol in Kenya since it began its operation in the year 1922. It was founded by Charles and George Hurst. The organisation is a branded alcohol beverages business with an extensive collection of brands which range from adult non-alcoholic drinks (ANAD), spirits and beers. EABL. is based in Ruaraka. The company’s subsidiaries in Kenya include East Africa Maltings (Kenya), Limited and Kenya Breweries Limited. I will narrow down to EABL Kenya and not general East African operations (EABL., 2013).
Type of Organisation
EABL. is a profit-making total beverage private limited company registered under limited liability. The organisation is a Kenyan based holding company involved in alcoholic branded beverages marketing, production and distribution.
Size of Organisation
According to research conducted recently, EABL Kenya has a total of 2000 permanent employees and more that 20 contracted employees in each department to boost sales and marketing. The organisation has the following departments; Sales department, cooperative relations, supply, finance, procurement, marketing, logistics, consumer planning (Nilsence) and legal departments (EABL, 2018).
Range of Products and Services
EABL’s product range incorporates several beverage beer and spirits brands. Beer brands include Tusker Lager which is its flagship brand, Tusker Malt Lager, Pilsner, Guinness, President Lager, White Cap, White Cup Light, Allsopes, and Senator. The organisation also produces non-alcoholic drinks such as alvaro and Malta Guinness which are energy giving drinks. Both certified by Kenya Bureau of Standard as non-alcoholic adult drinks (EABL., 2018). Spirit product include: Johnnie Walker, Smirnoff and Baileys.
Customer Base
EABL operates in a market that incorporates both Business to Business (B2B) and Business to Customer (B2C) trading. The company sells to other wholesalers, distributors, retailers and to customers directly in their product activation platforms. As a consumer driven business, the organisation takes time the market and understand the consumer needs wants and how to satisfy them as well (EABL, 2018).
Main Competitors
The main competitors to EABL’s branded alcohol beverages include UDV Kenya Limited owned by Diageo PLC. Its core business is the manufacture, marketing and sales of spirit products which include Popov, Smirnoff, Gilbeys, Chelsea, Richot, Kenya Cane, Three Barrels, Kenya Gold, V;A and Bond. It also imports and distributes the following products from its mother company: Bailey’s, Gordons, Johnnie Walker, J&B Whisky, Pimms, Captain Morgan, Myers rum, and VAT 69. UDV. holds a share of 54 percent while EABL. 46 percent share s of spirit based alcoholic beverages (EABL, 2018). EABL. holds 96 percent shares of beer products in relation to is competitors. (EABL., 2018).
The organization’s approaches to increase competitive lead of its product packages include product diversification initiatives supported by research and design, product development, product innovation, advertisements on television programs sponsorships, billboard, print, radio, and on-line entertainment programs, face-lifting or upgrade of bar environments and promotion of cultural festivals and artefacts through brand labelling, prevalent traditional galas, market-day activation and in bar promotion (Wandimi, 2018).