Nowadays, our world fill with various type of waste that is divided into two which is either recyclable or non-recyclable. People tend to buy a new product once it cannot be use anymore and this led to an increase in rubbish production. This situation mostly happen towards recyclable product users as they does not know ways to reuse those products. According to this, I think that we should need to make full use of recyclable materials so that we can play our role in saving our earth. Recycling the waste materials may benefits us in various ways. Because of that, we need to grab this opportunity to benefit ourselves and our earth. Therefore, the advantages of recycling are reducing the product waste, protecting the environment and educating the communities.

The primary advantage of recycling are reducing the product waste. Recycling helps in reducing product waste as the used materials is being process to be use again. Used materials can be process to become the exactly same product or can be change into something new. For example, plastic from mineral water bottle can be recycle to become the same mineral water bottle. To make sure this recycling activity can be done, I am fully agree if our responsible department increase the amount of recycle rubbish bin all over the country. This can be taken to a higher level if the responsible department collaborate with department from other countries as well. By doing so, waste materials can be collected and send to factories to undergo processing to become a new product. Therefore , recycling clearly help our community to reduce the product waste.

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Recycling can also help people in protecting the environment. Earth is now almost fully filled up with garbage mostly from non-biodegradable materials such as plastic,polysterene and metals. But suprisingly, most of those non-biodegradable materials are the one that we can look forward to recycle them. As recycle can be done on these materials, I would like to encourage every single one of us to take part in protecting our environment. Our earth cannot become clean by itself and its all depends on us. By recycling, people can looking forward on ways to improve the environment for future generation. With the enforcement in recycling, amount of rubbish can decrease but the enforcement must be start today a change cannot be done in a blink of eyes and Rome was not built in a day. To sum up, our environs can be shelter by performing recycling in our daily life.

Last but not least, recycling educate the communities in the most unexpected way. This is because recycling make communities aware that they need to play their role in order to ensure the cleanliness in their surrounding. Communities that become aware with the important of recycling then will try to supply their recyclable materials to the person involve in the recycle process. Recycling also taught them to be innovative in creating something new from waste materials. If they does not want to send those recyclable materials they also can be creative and create something new from those materials such as they can make flower pots using mineral water container and they can use glass all over again by just washing all the stains. In short, recycling educate communities and make them aware about the environment.

In conclusion, waste materials need to be recycle to make sure they benefit us well. This is because, recycling reduce the product waste, protecting the environment and educate communities to become better in handling the materials waste. Recycling is needed not to only ensure the world nowadays but recycling also prepare a better future for young generation. It is very important as we want to slow down the destruction in our earth. This is one of the outstanding ways in decreasing the universal carbon emissions. We need to take action towards our own mistakes. In my opinion, recycling is a must for a better green environment and to use all of its benefits for our own sake.


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