My landform is Mt Washington

My landform is Mt Washington. This mountain was formed by great glaciers 50,000 years ago. Mt. Washington is the highest peak in the Northeast. The combination of high winds, low temperatures and ice-forming fog results in the most severe weather of almost any place in the world.
Weathering affects Mt. Washington because of the severe wind, rain, snow and cold weather. The weathering dissolves rocks and minerals on the surface of the summit. Sometimes the water freezes and splits rocks into two pieces. Weathering contribute to the type of soil and plant life on the surface. Weathering causes erosion which changes the landscape.
Erosion affects Mt.Washington because Erosion is the process of which a landscape is broken down, washed way or carved into by various forces such as ice, wind and water. Mt. Washington has sever weather which causes erosion all over the mountain. The ersion from water running down the mountain constantly changes rock formations, it carries dirt down the mountain changing the surface in different spots. Water ersion can even create streams or rivers which can change the plant life in a certain area. After several years severe erosion can even reduce the size of a mountain.
Humans affects Mt. Washington because people hike Mt.Washington. Some people who climb it leave trash and pull out roots or plants and even move rocks. Sometimes people spill their water which causes erosion and can carry dirt or rocks to a new area on the mountain. People step on plants and kill them, people go off the trail and start fires which kills the plant life under the fire. People throw rocks or take home rocks as suviniers.
The climate affect Mt.Washington becuase the significant temperatures do not allow plant life growth at the summit. The snow build up can cause small avalanches which can move rocks or knock over trees. The severe weather affects which animals can live in the climate. Less people hike Mt. Washington in the winter because of the severe weather which leads to less changes made to the mountain from people.
Mt.Washington is a beautiful place drive up, take a train up bike up, hike up or just look at. Most people do not notice the small changes on Mt.Washington from weathering and ersion if they only hike it once in a while. I hope people take care of the Mt.Washington trails so we can continue to see it’s beauty for many years.