My academic foundation in the medical field is the prime motivation for me to pursue a career in pharmacological research

My academic foundation in the medical field is the prime motivation for me to pursue a career in pharmacological research. I recognized my passion for Pharmacology when I started prescribing medicines to my patients. I realized the need and importance of further research studies in drug industry when my patients asked me questions like why you are not prescribing me the cheaper drug that my friend is taking. I should say that I struggled little bit to make him understand about the individualization of drug therapy and how there can be different outcomes for single drug.
I have completed my Medical school from the reputed University of Calicut, India. The nonclinical subjects that fascinated me were biochemistry, pharmacology and physiology. These subjects always quenched all my questions about how things work in human body. Thanks to my Pharmacology professor who always talked to us about current research papers and research applications which introduced me to the drug research field. While doing Family Medicine residency we had conferences, discussions and symposiums on research papers which have even more sparked my desire for pharmacological research.
Earning an MS in Pharmacology will enable me to enter into pharmacological research. My long term objective is to see myself as a Research Scientist in a clinical research organization.
My research experiences with Dr. Susan Smyth has given me the opportunity to understand how research studies are being conducted and how the results help to improve the quality of human life. I would like to further hone my already existing skills by pursuing graduate studies at Ohio State University. I can affirm that I possess the basic aptitude and motivation needed for my graduate study. I am confident that an MS in Pharmacology at your reputed University would greatly enhance my research expertise, giving me the necessary competence on making my own contributions to the improvement of the quality of human life. I’m sure that the classes by the excellent faculties of college of medicine, college of pharmacy and college of nursing will mold me to an aspiring research scientist.


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