Many people have tried or have heard of forms of caffeine

Many people have tried or have heard of forms of caffeine. It is advertised, it is sold internationally, and taken in many forms. They also don’t realize what they are taking is a a drug and it can be dangerous. Some use it as a wake to wake up and be energized where some take is as just a casual drink and some depend on it to keep their body moving and going through out the day. But caffeine, if to much ingested can be lethal, so how much is too much??
Caffeine is one of the most commonly used drug. It can come in the sodas you drink, coffee, teas, supplements, and sometimes even the food you eat. On an average a safe amount of caffeine should be about 4 cups of coffee or roughly 10 cans of soda pop. Yet this isn’t the case with everyone. Everyone’s body mass is differently so caffeine may affect you more than those with a larger body mass. To put it in perspective, lets say a 17 year old girl who is fit and is about 120 pounds and doesn’t have coffee a lot may drink 2 or 3 cups of coffee and get side effects that a grown man who works at a high stress job who drink over 6 cups and still doesn’t get the energy that the girl does.

As Stated earlier, caffeine is a drug. You can get addicted to it just as any other legal or illegal drug out there. Too much can cause your body to want it all the time. If you don’t drink in moderation it can mess your brain and sleeping schedule can be thrown off. When leaning off of caffeine you suffer side effects similar to leaning off of cocaine. Just like all drugs, you can Overdose. Over loading your body with all the caffeine and sugar causes your heart to race so fast and can eventually give you a stroke, cardiovascular issues or even a heart attack. A 17-year-old kid in Arizona had 3 shots of expresso, and red bull and monster. His heart sped so fast that he died within 2-3 hours of ingesting.
Caffeine is different for everyone but there are something’s that can really effect your health. It can effect the nervous system, digestive system, respiratory systems, muscular systems, reproductive systems, and more. Now it usually comes to these aspects when not drinking or ingesting in moderation. Or not eating regularly while having doses of caffeine. Caffeine can also affect your emotional and mental health. I notice that when I drink some caffeine my mood is a lot more upbeat and happy because I am usually a depressing person. But a person who may have ADHD or ADD may have the complete opposite feeling. They can feel sleepy, drowsy and very irritable.

Caffeine is a lethal drug if misused. There are many healthy alternatives or ways to cut down. It maybe nice to enjoy it here and there bit it can cause fatal health risks. People need to be aware of the signs and take actions to protect their health from collateral damage! Its important to know, how much is to much?….

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