Introduction Some people know that being attracted to opposite sex usually starts during adolescence

Some people know that being attracted to opposite sex usually starts during adolescence. Numerous rank usually become interested and involved because of the desire to belong with others. As we gathered information one of the result clearly it said that Romantic relationship gain importance. Adolescent wish to have an intimate romantic relationship to which love is given and received without refuses. Baumeister and Leary’s (1995) said that belongingness theory, which every person have an evolved and robust need of closeness and social belonging. For instance, their theory want to state that human beings have an almost universal need to form and maintain atleast some degree of interpersonal relationship with other humans. Because of these demand of belongingness want to be claim we can see now a days that many of High School students enter this kind of relationship in order for them to loved and be loved.
In other hand, teenage relationship plays a huge impact to a teenagers life. Students that involved in a romantic relationship struggles in keeping their grades high while trying to maintain their relationship progressive. According to a research conducted by Campbell and Oliver (1994) that teenage relationship also have unsympathetic effect of daily lives prior to teenage relationship. The pointed negative effects of teenage relationships are stress, social and nonsocial sacrifices, worry about the relationship, increased dependence on the partner, fights time and effort investment. That namely causes are surely bring you down.
The researchers want to know the Impact of Teenage Relationship In Agusan National High School, Senior High Department to Their Academic Performance.


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