Introduction Perception is the process by which people translate sensory impressions into a consistent and united vision of the world around them

Perception is the process by which people translate sensory impressions into a consistent and united vision of the world around them. Although necessarily based on incomplete and or unreliable information, perception is equated with reality for most purposes and guides human attitude in general. Moreover, auditor’s perception is needed to make a clear ideas or thoughts of what kind of frauds might be found in a particular company depends on their industry and this step is important because it is part of audit planning.
Auditing is an examination of the financial records of a business organization to make sure that the financial information is accurate. Auditing based on the encasement of all activities of the organization at least once a year. Auditing includes identifying the risk of material errors, get enough audit evidence of material misstatement, respond to the works that are assigned to the employee and stop the assignment of auditor’s works not suitable with their abilities and experience.
Fraud can accrue in many situations such as: misappropriation of asset, fraudulent in financial reporting, and corruptions. Material financial statement fraud can have a significant unfriendly impact on the market value, reputation and capacity of an organization to accomplish its key targets. A successful fraud program reduces the probability of the frequency of fraud. ASI has built up a comprehensive fraud program that incorporates the essential components of counteractive action, prevention and discovery with the end goal to limit the extent and probability of the event of fraud. The management team of ASI shares duty regarding executing and observing fraud controls. Fraud risk components are analyzed every year and the controls are adjusted based on the evaluated level of risk. Fraud controls are set up at the entity level and the business unit level. These controls are observed by the Ethical Review Committee.

Rational of the study:
Auditing is essential in any organization to identify the frauds committed by the accountants. There are different types of users of financial information who make different decisions based on financial information provided by the companies. The financial information is accurate only when the errors and frauds are minimized. Hence there is a need to identify all possible frauds while planning the auditing by the auditors.
Statement of the problem:
Our research problem is to know perceptions of the auditors towards the techniques that are used in detecting frauds. Also, what factors that will play a role in eliminating the frauds.

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Aims and objectives of the study:
• To find out the different types of frauds to be detected by the auditors.
• To study auditor’s perception towards possibilities of frauds.
• To make a Conclusion and recommendations based on the study.

Research questions:
• What is auditor’s perception?
• What are the types of frauds?
• Why auditor’s perception is important?
Scope and limitation:
The scope of our report is the perception of auditors towards the possibility of fraud. On the other side the limitation of the report is expecting to face some issues during the study, the problem that we might face is not getting sufficient information. Moreover, the other issue that we might encounter is not being able to manage between our courses and the project.

Significance of the study:
To gain more knowledge about auditing, types of audit reports, and to get familiar to the procedures that auditor make to detect fraud. Also to be aware what is to be done when there is fraud, and how auditor should be aware of the possibility of fraud.

Definition of terms:
Perception: starts when the human mind gets information from the body’s five senses. The mind at that point forms and applies importance to the sensory information.
Mitigated: to make things less sever, unpleasant or harmful.
Rationalization: try to find reason to clarify you behavior or choices.
Anonymous tips line: Data about something typically criminal or illegal action) that is offered by a mysterious source


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