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In this article, we will introduce Zara and H&M and write a report comparing the life storage environment of H&M and Zara.
About Zara, ZARA is a subsidiary of Inditex, a subsidiary of Spain in 1975, which is both a clothing brand and a chain retail brand specializing in ZARA clothing. ZARA is the third largest apparel retailer in the world, with more than 2,000 clothing stores in 87 countries.
About H&M, it is a Swedish fashion company founded by Erling Persson in Sweden in 1947 to sell clothing and cosmetics. In many countries in the world, including Asia, Europe and the United States, the products are known for their cheap and fine products.

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The terminal store is the window of communication between the brand and the customer, and the store image represents the brand image.
ZARA store design is simple, not exaggerated or even complicated. Its principles are aesthetic, concise, sustainable and functional. ZARA to weaken the shop decoration on the line of sight guidance, most stores color is white to move, colour is more uniform, the advantage is that can weaken the boundary of the store, not only can let the shop show empty, and easier to highlight in the front goods display. For example, if you have a few black spots on a white sheet of paper, it’s easy to focus on those points. This is what ZARA wants, and your eyes only have merchandise!
On Windows, ZARA is the pioneer and the Windows of the traditional innovative design ideas, the diversification of window window is always a high pretend bility, first-class window is in the promotion of third-rate price of goods, so came into the store to buy the contrast can make you feel it’s clothes are particularly cost-effective, will pay for you without any hesitation. And its high frequency change, more let a person feel its window is popular instruction! The shop window is the front cover of the shop, which is the first step to attract customers. ZARA’s new products are listed in high frequency, but why is the window design not affected at all? Because its window is replicable, first it is so simple in the background selection that it doesn’t have to change the background, its window is universal! Second, its stance on models often use a triangular structure, the benefits of this structure is more stable and rich three-dimensional sense, props used on actually see more, you will know it’s really just use models, rarely use sophisticated props, is padded tower model, it is the focus of the work model of dress collocation.
ZARA has always been a strong player in this area. So it is not only the window shop that pays attention to the combination of goods, but also the inside of the shop.
Regarding the layout of the shop, ZARA divides the store area into men’s area, women’s wear area and children’s clothing area, and each area has the characteristics of each region. The menswear display area is divided into formal and recreational areas, most of which are neutral colors and low lightness, and accessories are displayed throughout. Ladies’ area of the display is the key of the ZARA brand display, through this a way to display here, it is colour display, a shelf and a closet, always keep the rhythm of color. Children’s clothes area use reduce the distance between children and brilliant colors, reflect relaxed and comfortable environment is given priority to with white attune, and mounted with overstow display, rich and changeful tie-in way to cater to the children like fresh psychological.
ZARA use models like to appear in the form of model group, although their models pose the same, but in the form of an array type configuration, array configuration advantage can give customers a certain impact on the vision. If you want customers to pay attention, you must have a sense of impact. I don’t know if you have found that the clothes on the model are repeated, and there is a color echo between the model and the model. There are tops, bottoms, dresses and so on, which is to show a rich product line so that customers can have multiple choices. When the product style is more complex, the model will be displayed, and the model will tell the customer more fully the information of the goods, so as to save the time of the customer’s searching. ZARA attaches great importance to the combination of products. Whenever you see it, you can see that it offers a variety of combinations and displays. All you have to do is choose.
With regard to the light, most of the lights of ZARA stores are set with inlaid lamps and fixed spotlights, and the light cross-irradiation reflects the fashion style of the brand. People are photosensitive, so clever lighting design can improve the value of goods and strengthen customers’ purchase intention, so as to achieve the best effect of visual marketing. ZARA’s store display rarely gives people an amazing feeling, and more is good enough! In fact, the display is to express the product information clearly to the customer, so that the customer can buy the object more quickly and conveniently.
ZARA is good at explaining that good sales cannot be separated from display, so it is worth learning a series of display methods.
Half of H&M stores its stores in upscale business districts and bustling traffic hubs. Although the cost of opening a store in these places is high, H&M always leaves ample space in the store to create a relaxing shopping environment for customers. Their display mode is intensive, showing evaluation and quick concept. The display tools include gantry frame, high cabinet, high warehouse, running water table, human platform, model, props, etc., to produce the level and make the store vivid. They is very harmonious and unified whole, their way of display is not only limited to simple side hang, is to hang or fold, they display both colour and quantity, are trying to achieve with brand personality want to close to the “color quantity balance”. The store is the main light source with track lights, lights, and a few decorative chandeliers, mainly white light. On the setting of the light, use the way of front light and oblique side light, render the beautiful atmosphere of the store. About the window, H&M’s window is divided into a comprehensive, systematic, special, close-up, seasonal. In the window, they often put the light in the model’s part, the dark color clothing will appear in the light of the light, appears more stable, the classic. Behind the models in the window, there are occasionally posters, big posters in the background, showing the brand personality, appearing more fashionable and lively. In terms of layout, H&M’s stores are not stacked in the general merchandise category, but are paired with tops, trousers, leather bags and accessories. Let customers buy a whole set of things. H;M design are the Windows of the headquarters a year in advance as planned, it also embodies the fast fashion brand of high efficiency, but the change frequency of H;M is not so frequently, ZARA updated once about half a month. The Windows are basically themed and are very good at using models and props. Models vary in position, type, position and form, emphasizing the diversity and collocation of clothing. Even if the props in the window are the same, they display different visual display effects through different lists and different positions of the models. But the embarrassment is that we often see big “sale” in China. H;M store sales mode is the consumer self-selection clothing to the fitting room for fitting. The fitting rooms are arranged in a dense array of forms, but they do not feel crowded. Customer buying decision is mostly in the dressing room, in the field survey, we found that their stores the fitting room is the space is roomy and goods moving line clear, orderly and colorful, new window, its shops belong to the department store warehouse display, store the use of space is mainly used to store. The customer will have a natural, relaxed and pleasant feeling inside. The store display focuses on the layout of the moving line, and it pays great attention to the speed of the crowd around the island when the traffic is large. Many displays are arranged around this point. Because H;M’s products are more abundant, the display area of women’s clothes, men’s wear and children’s clothes, and the display area of accessories, the overall planning of the specific area will pay more attention to the use of color blocks. The whole store looked like a small department store. The display of goods is quite dense and is a typical intensive display, which can be used to show H;M price and fast concept.
One statistic says that the average customer goes to ZARA17 a year, with only four other brands. ZARA’s brand core competitiveness is the current world no fashion brands can imitate. ZARA’s Windows update is faster than H;M’s, but H&M will put up posters in the Windows, and H&M discounts are often seen in China. ZARA’s window design and lighting effects are more fashionable and fashionable, while H;M’s overall feeling is tidiness. H&M has no warehouse, all the clothes are on the market, a dozen pieces of clothes are crowded together, looking at the fat, but the area is relatively clear, the complete set of collocation is less. ZARA’s display have to say, not only have a special team in the big shops weekly exchange, each store from manager to manager, display is required, twice a week on the new must be in display, stores a lot of matching, update speed, each region has sharp distinctions, all have their own characteristics, few number looks clean. ZARA pursues “experience as the king”, and store design gives people the feeling of being in a high-end fashion shop from the appearance, and then enhances the consumer’s interest in shopping. The collocation of black and white classic color plus all kinds of window display will give the customer a kind of big name store is visual sense! Compared to ZARA, H&M store design is much simpler, image a bit – like a big warehouse! All the sizes of the same style of clothing will be presented, which will inevitably give a feeling of crowding. ZARA and H&M are simply divided into men’s wear, and ZARA is more evenly distributed than H;M. According to the survey on the Internet, ZARA’s women’s clothing accounts for 40%, men’s clothing is 29.5%, and children’s clothing accounts for 30.5%. H;M’s women’s wear is 51 percent, men’s clothing is 16 percent, and children’s clothing is 33 percent. Perhaps the reason is that the consumers who go to ZARA are mostly young mothers with families. Such consumers not only pursue fashion, but also buy clothes for their families. The goal of ZARA itself is to shorten the distance between the catwalk and the mass consumer, so it will not focus on the category of a single product. H;M products are skewed towards women’s clothing because women consume far more than men. In order to gain greater commercial interest, H&M expanded the proportion of women’s wear. This can be seen in H;M’s own advertising campaign. To sum up, ZARA ranks first in the fast fashion industry, not only because of a “fast” word! Perhaps fast fashion brands like H&M only learn about its “fast” business model, but rarely do it for the consumer experience. And these are the experiences that retail business really should see today.
HI department store is the first self-run high-end department store in China, founded by Mr. Xie meng, executive director of zhengjia group. The first shop was located in the fourth floor of guangzhou zhengjia square in September 2012. HI department promotes the concept of “gift for life”, and is committed to becoming a world cultural gathering, refined living advocate, international design intelligence advocate, and innovator of department store. I hope to show people a happy, playful and humorous way of life. Shopping and the experience of more than 3000 square meters space, divided into books, digital stationery, art district, home products, home textile, Touch CAFE (fashion), HI, HI STAGE (regions), HI CLASS (member area), HI VIP ten large area. The color of the whole department store is warm color, the light is also beige, give a person very warm and comfortable feeling. The walls of HI department store are hanging everywhere, and there are some local or imported works of art on the floor.

Compared with Zara and H&M, HI department customer service is very good, because when you choose goods, the personnel of the service will not follow you, but stood quiet, convenient when you need help immediately. The layout of boutique department stores gives people a more warm and comfortable feeling, while Zara gives people the sense of fashion, and H&M feels simple and generous. ZARA and HI department store staff clothing is uniform, H&M is not uniform. ZARA ranks first in the fast fashion world, not just because of a “fast” word! H&M, for example, only learns its “fast” business model, but rarely experiences it for consumers. These are the lessons that retail companies should see today. One thing that is common with ZARA is that they are very focused on the consumer experience, and they do a very good job in visual marketing and have their own styles. For retail enterprises, visual marketing is very important, hope the ZARA with HI department can continue their attention to this aspect, and hope to take more H&M customers, do more successful visual marketing.