In Night Walker by Brent Staples

In Night Walker by Brent Staples, analyizes the impact of gender and race in the American society. Staples argues that race is still a major source of discrimination living in the United States due to stereotypes. He explains that the alteration is based on the stereotype to which all black men are uneducated, violent, and poor, therefore representng a constant threat. Staples purpose is to make people sympathize his cause by livivng in his life from persuading readers with his words. Staples attitude towards the subject is suspensful and controlled as to how he uses detailed language to demonstarte the elements of fear, annger. By being controlled, Staples shows that the mistreats that he gets are common and daily of which don’t shock him anymore.
Staples begins using description as to describing the scene of which he states that Staples describes a woman walking and the fear she experiences due to stereotyping. In the story he uses imagery and common experiences to emphasize this emotion. “She cast back a worried glance”. That imagery conveys the emotion of fear.
Staples uses sarcasm to display his disapproval of the woman’s false impression. “She picked up her pace and was soon running in earnest. Within seconds she disappeared into the street”. The woman feared that she was going to be a victim of violence due to his ethniccity. Staples selections of words carry a negative connotation and supplement fear.


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