HIUS 221 Graves

HIUS 221
Graves, Tyler G HIUS 221-B14 09/19/2018 The Boston Massacre
Hinderaker, Eric. 2017. Boston’s massacre. Cambridge, Massachusetts: 1 The Belknap Press of Harvard University Press.
Eric Hinderaker writes an article about the night which has come to be known as the Boston Massacre. He writes detailing and examining the facts and explain the incident from what the civilians would have seen and believed during that time. This article was written by Eric Hinderaker, an American historian specializing in early America. I plan on using the article for its insight on the events that happened on that fateful night that came to be known as The Boston Massacre.

Brodkin, Peter. 2012. 3 The Boston Massacre: 4 Design or accident? The Journal of the Rutgers University Libraries 40 (2).
This article talks about and focuses mainly on the rioters of the Boston Massacre. It discusses that how even though the rioters seemed like they could not be kept in line and that they were wildly out of control, really, they might have been under a sort of soldier-like control. The article discusses how there might have been someone in charge of this mob, giving orders and directing them in an organized chaos. The article was written by Peter Brodkin, a graduate student in history at Rutgers University. The article would provide an alternate viewpoint on the Boston Massacre.
3 “Boston Massacre Trial.” 5 National Parks Service. February 26, 2015. 6 Accessed September 20, 2018. 5
The article provides a summary of the events that occurred during The Boston Massacre trials in 1770. The British soldiers were no longer welcomed months after the events ensued and the citizens wanted a fair trial to obtain justice. The trial set a historical landmark as there was a fair trial with an angry mob present. The article was written by the organization, National Historical Park, which is a national park government website. This article provides insight on the events that occurred during the Boston Massacre Trial and how the tragic event was dealt with fair justice.