Good afternoon to the respected teachers

Good afternoon to the respected teachers, mentors/judges and competitors. My name is Eman Amir from class VI-D. In this fine afternoon I would like to declare my aims and ideas on the chosen topic ” The world is becoming smaller these days”. Globalization has played a significant and major contribution in making our compact. Now recently our world has become a smaller place to live. We humans have learnt to go to every single corner of the world by the invention of airplanes and to break the boundaries of the world. Other than that comes the invention of other simple but extremely useful vehicles such as cars, buses and other public transport etc. These simple but useful machinery helps us to travel with ease and without worrying about the distance in just few minutes. Technology is the other law breaker in making the world a smaller place which had been done by the invention of tools, gadgets and machinery that enables us to reach out to one another. For example many of the social apps makes us connected to the world in just a few seconds. Now we would stay in contact without travelling too. For instance, every single person in the world is familiar with the word ‘ Facebook’, a commonly used social app invented by Mark Zuckerburg. Most of the people have their account to post, chat or just basically to keep in contact with the people. It had been updated since many years and have become advanced till now. This is because of invention of Wi-Fi and Internet facilities. Wi-Fi itself acts as a bridge for us to keep using these social apps. Now this what we call this a major development. Lastly, technology may never replace face-to-face communication however it is certainly a step in the right direction. Thank you to the teachers, mentors and competitors to listen to my expressive speech.


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