Gender equality

Gender equality (egalitarianism) – the feminist interpretation of equality implies that men and women should have equal shares in social power, equal access to public resources. Equality of the sexes is not the identity of the sexes, the identity of their attributes, characteristics . To talk about identity does not allow, as a minimum, a different role in reproduction.
The term egalitarian (in this case a synonym for the term equality of the sexes ) has undergone at least four stages of transformation. Primary was the idea of absolute equality between people as a model of a socially just society. Historical development has shown that such a concept is utopian. And if there were “equal societies”, this equality was achieved with a general decrease in the social status of its members in the framework of a despotic distribution system at the cost of loss of the individual’s personality, the so-called “equality in non-freedom” was established, equality at a low level of human development, equality in meeting minimum needs while suppressing the desire to expand the range of needs and the destruction of vivid personalities in society. The ideas of this ” equalization “”Women and men also have sad examples of implementation: the involvement of women in heavy work, the” double burden “of the burden on women, the appearance of” straw “orphans – abandoned children (when in the young and elderly Soviet Republic children were put in a nursery from the first months of their life ) And the most noteworthy is the massive attempt by women to break their female identityby adopting male behavior and the male rules of the game for equality with men, and even though equality in pay for men and women has not come about. It was designed as a fit for the male type of character, type of profession, type of lifestyle, which led to ridiculous results due to the existing difference between men and women.
The second stage in understanding the term equality was the realization of the need for equality of rights for all citizens of a democratic society. The implementation of this principle is certainly a progressive social development has shown its inconsistency and weakness from the point of view of the rights of certain marginal (see. The marginality ) groups (women, ethnic minorities, and so on. D.).
In many parts of India, even after great edification, women are not considered as equal as men. And here the reason is the genetic information. The sex of the child is still considered the responsibility of women, and due to which they are brutalised for the nativity of girl child. Creating a new life is the responsibility of both the parents, then why for its sex only women are responsible. Also, on the nativity of girl child, she does not even get the equal chance as the boy to take nativity and live her life and then show her capability. She is first judged on her sex and later killed. Are we still talking about equality? In India, we should first talk about giving the opportunity. The opportunity to live.
Gender equality can and should be applicable in literally everything! It will be hard but nothing is impossible.


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