From the years 800 to 1100

From the years 800 to 1100, the vikings reigned western and eastern Europe, this was a period of Scandinavian expansion. They originated from Denmark, Sweden and Norway. The vikings travelled long distances in search for treasures such as gold, land and slaves. Their barbaric and brutal style of combat caused fear within many communities and settlements. However, fighting was not their only specialty. Vikings were skilled navigators, talented craftsmen and contributed heavily to sea travel.
The extensive archaeological findings give an insight into the lifestyle and warfare tactics of the lives of Vikings. This will be the basis of my essay, but I will be focusing on the early history of the Scandinavians. The research that I have conducted shows clear evidence that the Vikings used marine vessels to raid settlements across Europe, they were very strategic and planned their attacks in advance. The flexibility of my question allows me to explore and go into depth on the various findings discovered by archaeologists across Europe.


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