For Long-term orientation

For Long-term orientation, its manifest that the Chinese culture is greatly committed in loyalty to as well respect for traditional businesses strategies then Malaysia. The Chinese culture in the Long term orientation shows a vital part in closing up a business deal successfully and the only time which helps to create trust in a business relationship. Not only that, China gross saving rate was 46.4% in 2017 compare to Malaysia only 28.4% in 2017. It shows that Chinese individuals are focused in achieving long term results. Malaysia on contrast, with a score of 41, shows that their culture is normative. Societies in Malaysia has a comparatively small propensity in saving for the future. They are focused in accomplishing fast results.
Regardless of slightly difference in the power distance Malaysia (100) and China (80), they share certain resemblances on how employees accepted the authority and also power. In Malaysia they practice the hierarchy system according to rank which (Tan Sri or Datuk), based on knowledge level (Professor or Doctor). The high power distance is the value of the sign of respect and humble. Meanwhile in China, individuals have less chance in challenging the authority because of the history of communism beliefs in which still effects the individuals behaviour. Before dealing a business with China, organizations have to be conscious of the huge hierarchy gap. Not only that, it’s very difficult to reach to higher position in China corporate compare to the other cultures