Falling In deserted stronghold


In deserted stronghold, a fair skin girl lived lonely there. Her name is Querencia. She was a down to earth young lady with all of her own heart. One day, she was cross-country herself; she found an eye-catching feather. It was really soft but it had broken in the edge. She was wondering why it could be there because outside the palace there was no feathered friend. Nonetheless, she found a roughly scrap blood.

“What is this?”, she whispered to her a little hamster, Hoshi.

Querencia was confused. The young lady decided to leave that place with her inquisitiveness that was very big. She ran with her whole power. Querencia tried to tell it to her friend who name is Irish. Irish was a tiny maid with straight dark brown hair. She lived next to Query’s bastion.

“Query, come here!” Irish shouted from the upstair edifice in the northern forest.

Query was how Querencia was called by her close friend. Truly, Query did not have many friends except Irish and her cute hamster.

“Wait for me there, I will go upstairs!” Query yelled.

With breath heavily, she went up the stairs. She met Irish and told what she found in that place. They tried to check the fascination in other days.
Query went back to her home along with Hoshi. On the way back home, she was wondering why it could be there. Suddenly, she remembered that the day before she found that things; that day was very dark and frightening. People said it if in a one day sky became dark and horrifying; something might have happened. People believed that God was real. If the sky was dark and frightening; it told god’s angels were fighting for certain problems.
In a beautiful morning, the sun was so bright. Query, Irish, and Hoshi came to the forest where Query found strange things. They had not arrived in that place but unexpectedly they looked a strange man was suffering. Hence, they approached the guy. The man did not awake when Hoshi sniffed him. Irish aimed to make Query leave that guy. Query denied it. Therefore, Irish left Query, Hoshi, and that guy. Irish was afraid that a strange man was a mischievous guy. Query still stayed there with Hoshi. She waited till that guy awake. She wanted to bring the guy to her house but she did not know how to bring him. She had waited for more than two hours but the guy was had not woken. Until in three hours, she waited for him; suddenly the man woke up. He moaned.

“Are you okay?” Query asked calmly.

The man still did not answer what Query asked. Finally, Query went back to her home with that man. They arrived in the bastion; Query directed the man to a room that used to a guest room.

“Why am I here?” that guy questioned abruptly.
“You’re in my house, I found you in a forest this morning.” Query answered.
“So, may I know your name?” she said.

They just were in a silent situation. Yet, suddenly the man grabbed Query’s hand and said
“Thank you, I’m Raphael “. After that, they were silenced with their awkward.

Several days after, Querencia realized something that weirdly happened after Raphael came. Every morning she always found feather which was same as a feather that she took in a forest. Raphael recovered day by day, even Querencia did not give much any medicine. She thought that she could ask Raphey but when she looked for him; he always was not in his room. Hence, she decided to make a plan to meet Raphael and asked about the feather.
The feather became a mysterious thing to Querencia. She was wondering why that feather has the same smoothness but the colour changed day by day.

“Why are we so awkward?” shouted Raphael from Query’s back.
“Huh, I don’t think so” Query replied.

Querencia did not feel good after Raphael talked to her last night suddenly.

“Why does he become so surprisingly last night? Is he okay, Hosh?” she whispered to Hoshi.

This morning, Query and Hoshi along with Irish had a plan to walk around their village. Yet, the atmosphere changed suddenly. The sky became enormously dark and the wind was unusually strong. Query reminded that this day same as the day before she found the feather and strange blood in the forest.

“I think we can’t continue our plan, Query. Should we back to your house?” Irish asked Query.
“Yeah, Irish. Let’s go before something happens to be worse.” Query replied.

They went back later. When they arrived in front of Query’s house, they found that Raphael was fighting with someone who has something in his back. That was quite big. She nodded that it was an angel’s wings. She tried to come closer, but Irish did not allow her.

“Just wait here, and let’s see what will happen after this,” Irish said.

The man brought Raphael along with him. Querencia was blurred what actually happened during these months after Raphael came. She threw back her memories. The first was when she found the feather in a forest. The day after she also obtained a roughly scrap blood. Then, she saw Raphael and brought him to her house. Furthermore, she found out Raphael was fighting with a wings man. Then they left along with.

“Arrrgggghhh, it makes me dizzy” Query was groaning and decided to sleep.

A week after an incident, Raphael was back. He looked for Query but he could not find her. Then he asked Irish, but he did not get any answer that he wanted.

“Where is actually Query?” Raphael sigh.
“I have to see her, then I’ll tell her something that is truly important for her life.”

No one saw Query this day. He settled to wait for Query at Query’s house. He sat on the old chair until he slept. When Raphael slept, Query came; she was shocked.

“Oh my God, he’s back! There must be something, so he returns” Querencia said.

She tried to wake him up.

“Hey, wake up! I’m here” whispered Query at Raphael’s ears.
“Huh, you’re here. I have something to tell you.” Raphael was startled.

Then he explained what actually happened to Query. He told everything. Query’s mouth just was wide open. She could not perfectly believe what Raphael said. He said every single thing. It started from why he could be in a forest at that time. It was because he fell from a fight with the wingman. He had a duty to save Query’s village from wickednesses. He spoke out that he was an angel and also the man who fought with Raphey two weeks ago. The feather also was Raphael’s own. Actually, he had a wing but could hide it when he was on the earth. Raphael returned for reason.

“You have to believe me Query. Please.” Raphael said.
“Would you mind to help me save this village?” asked him.

Query just nodded. She wanted to end this calamity.