Ever wonder if there is a planet just like Earth

Ever wonder if there is a planet just like Earth? A planet that had water, humans, animals, everything that knows of today is also somewhere else. Everything well known is living and nonliving exists right under our noses. For all these years, many people believe it’s just humans on planet Earth. But what if it wasn’t, what if there are other universes and galaxies that hold a planet like Earth. There are raw ingredients required for life to appear. From water to gases in the Atmosphere, there are many things that have to be there or have to happen to have a life. The Milky Way has planet Earth, so why can’t it happen anywhere else? “The Chemical combinations related to the building blocks of life are literally everywhere we look in space (Siegel).” The Solar System is a great place to start looking for life or life that use to be there because it’s so close to home.
“Jupiter’s second of its four large moons, Europa might at first seem like it’s too far from the sun to be a good candidate for living things. But Europa has two special things going for it, it has tons of water, more water than is present on Earth. It also has some internal heating due to the tidal forces of Jupiter. Beneath its surface of the ice, Europa has an enormous ocean of liquid water, and the heating of its insides due to Jupiter’s gravity may create a situation very analogous to the life-giving hydrothermal vents on the Earth’s ocean floor (Siegel).” So as one can tell there could have been life on Jupiter. It’s not like as we see today, but the life that can still grow, survive, and reproduce. If it could have happened, then there could be a planet that still has a life.
The planet Mars was once very similar to Earth. Billions of years ago when our Solar System was new to us, water flowed across the surface of Mars. It had lakes, rivers, and oceans. If one were to look at pictures of Mars, one can still see where the water sources used to be. “The Curiosity rover has found an active, underground and variable source of methane, a possible signature of life today. (Siegel).” The second largest moon in our solar system, Titan, was found to have liquid methane on its surface. Such as oceans, rivers, and even waterfalls. Now isn’t that amazing, water on a moon is unbelievable!
Your mind should be everywhere right now, thinking where else could we look for life or what else can we do. What else is out there? Who else is out there? Here are some theories about life outside of earth. Many astronomers believe that beyond our universe is a just endless expanse of stars and planets. This would imply that everything one has ever thought exists is true. For all, we know unicorns could be real on another planet. ” There may be an exact replica of Earth, but the only difference between that world and this one is that you decided to take two sips of water right now instead of one (Noma).” So think about it, there is the internal life somewhere out there on another planet. Recently astronomers have been seeing galactic clusters that are traveling millions of miles in the same direction towards some that it’s mysterious. They don’t know what it so they have named it “dark flow”. Unfortunately, they haven’t been able to find out what it is yet, but they are looking into it and are determined to find out what’s causing the pull. One possible cause of this movement is a large structure beyond the observable universe is exerting a gravitational pull strong enough to drive other galaxies closer to it.
One of the most amusing hypotheses is that our own selves are living inside a black hole. ” Astrophysicists explain that there is a point where matter can no longer be crushed in a black hole. This process stops because black holes spin so fast that the compacted matter will gain a significant amount of torsion (Noma).” This would mean that this universe was created inside a black hole and that the black holes that are find in this one universe are links to other universes. “Imagine that you are blowing bubbles and that our universe is inside one of those bubbles. Essentially, that is exactly what this theory is about: our universe is situated inside one bubble, and other universes are situated inside other bubbles nearby (Noma).” Then it would be a multiverse that makes up outer space. Inside each universe is infinite space, with their own laws and rules.


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