Education is often referred as the key to a successful life-life changing

Education is often referred as the key to a successful life-life changing. If the previous statement is accurate, then why there so many flaws in the system? Why are people dropping out every day? Why are students depressed? The purpose of education is to develop a student’s ability to think and to learn about the world around them and assists with the development of relationships throughout their schooling and beyond. However, we must ask ourselves what is the main aim of education and what are we actually obtaining from our various education system in St. Kitts and Nevis and the United States? The Caribbean has retained a very traditional academic educational system which is different from much of the US state education sector. UNESCO conducted an education policy review on St. Kitts and Nevis and it was determined on March 2016, overall, 44% did not complete secondary school. This means that 56% on both islands completed the widely accepted certification exam, CXC, (55% in St. Kitts and 62% in Nevis). This is very alarming because education is funded by the government which is free and compulsory between the ages of 5 and 16. In said article it also states, “It was found that the current curriculum, mostly in lower-secondary but also in primary education, is narrow in perspective while at the same time paradoxically overloaded.” In America, schools are funded by state and local sources. Robert Slavin (1999) explains the difference: “To my knowledge, the U.S. is the only nation to fund elementary and secondary education based on local wealth.” The average graduation rate for 2016 graduates who attended public schools in all 50 states, and the District of Columbia ranged from 68 to 94 percent, according to data provided in the U.S. News Best High Schools rankings. The 2018 rankings include data on more than 20,500 public high schools. The US curriculum is more flexible and offers a variety of subjects whereas SKN follows a syllabus. There is also a difference in physical activity, where the US systems incorporate physical activity into their curriculum. They also have a more diverse education system, whereas, the Caribbean is often referred to as limited. The US education system also have more carrier opportunities.
This review clearly demonstrates that the system is worthy of greater attention, as the country’s current practices tend to hinder rather than promote equitable educational opportunity. More physical activity, flexible and diverse curriculum can be introduced into the educational system of SKN to increase graduation rates.


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