Each stage of development of mankind was marked by some turning points in its history

Each stage of development of mankind was marked by some turning points in its history. Therefore, the 19th century is considered the century of the development of science, the 20th century is the technological progress. And the 21 st century because of the rapid development of information technology is already called the age of the information society.
The time dictates the requirements for modern education. Therefore, being a student of the 21st century means, first of all, the ability to own those opportunities that are opened thanks to the development of information technology. It is about using modern computer and network tools, especially the Internet, mobile phones with application support, as well as various types of electronic gadgets in the learning process.
In a second language acquisition the use of modern technologies is a natural and often integral component of the learning process. The Internet environment, which is the main source of information for many these days, has a wide educational potential as well.
One of the most common technology used in teaching a foreign language is a web quest developed in the USA in the mid-1990s, in which students use the Internet- resources. The purpose of using web quests is to develop the ability of students to use a foreign language in intercultural communication, for example the development of a communicative competence in another language.
I think that the use of the web-quest based activities promotes the development of the following components of the language communicative competence such as inta-cultural acquaintance with the realities of the countries of the studied language, the development of skills to solve a communicative based tasks. Aditionally, web quests aid in formation of background knowledge or even general educational skills that can be used later on in learning.
The educational potential of using web quests in ESL classes is endless. But the main advantage of this kind of tools, in my opinion, it can be attributed to the major formation of students’ motivation to learn a foreign language.