Du Bois refute Moynihan Report Yes

Du Bois refute Moynihan Report
Yes, it is alarming that women head 47% of all black family without a husband and 56% of all black babies are born to an unprepared teenage girl. We as black people are responsible for our action. Therefore, we as black people must set a standard whereby we must not be look a pond like an animal. We know through nature most all species of animal take care of their own. We as black people are look upon as something other than being less than human beings.
However, we must put aside all negative thoughts that we received from others in be a productive person in our ways and action, by investing in ourselves, children and community. Teaching our children good value, standard and investing in their well-being as to educate and to set a standard of excellence in being responsible for your own mind body and spirit. I believe that if black people worked together instead of tearing each other down, it would show that we have unity and it would raise our conscious level and ability to achieve a more self-worth individual.
In my opinion, I believe the correlation between W. E. B Dubois and Daniel Patrick Moynihan is similar in some ways; because, each one arrives at their belief in a different era and time. For an instant, “The Moynihan Report,” received much attention in the 1960’s on a broader scale; however, W.E.B. Du Bois analyze the report as mentioned earlier based on his studies just in Philadelphia. In Du Bois era, if a black man were caught having a sexual relationship with a white woman he might have been hang or whip to death; however, in Daniel Patrick era one would be more excepted of a mixed couple is more excepted into day society. Although, there may be a few percent that may still disagree or frown upon about the mixing of race. Whether we want to admit it or not, black people have always played a part in making the United States what it is today. If it were not for the profits of slavery, there would not have been an America today. During Du Bois era, the black people that endured has produced some positive and negatives, but it seems the negatives that have been something that the black people has not been about to overcome for hundreds or thousand years. In my opinion, it seems these same negatives that have compelled some of the most significant black minds in our history to create the solution to some of these problems. W.E.B Du Bois, in my opinion, are some of the memories that have come up with solutions to these problems that will come to produce the result of black people condition that creates these problems. A lot of these problems that black people struggled with hundreds of years ago and some of these same problems continue to exist today. Some of these problems center around subjects such as; the current status of the black family in the U.S., the morals, need for economics and understanding of black history. The solution derived from these subjects will help elevate the contemporary of the black family.

Overall, I believe that the very existing of the white race depends on the captivity and restraint of the black race to survive. America remained built on the backs of the slave. We as a black race should incorporate all our Capital and invest in our own business and people, given the fact that we rely on the white man for everything. Hopefully, one day we would be free of all criticism and not be “judge by the color or our skin but the contents of our mine,” Rev. Martin Luther King.