Do you think Louisiana should legalize Marijuana

Do you think Louisiana should legalize Marijuana? Well, I do. Cannabis, Most known as marijuana or”weed” has been around since the 20th century, Its a plant drug use for recreational and medical use. As of today United States stands behind three different ideas; legalize marijuana, make it legal as a prescription drug or keep as is, illegal.although some states have to lift their restrictions on the drug. Marijuana is the most used drug. it’s still illegal and has been since the 1930s, its classified as a Schedule 1 drug. Marijuana contains 500 components, the main is called THC, which gives its users a “high” or “stoned” feeling an increase in appetite. cannabis can be used by smoking, vaping, or in some cases put in food. The marihuana Tax act of 1937 made possession of marijuana illegal throughout the united states. I’m writing this to inform the government and people of Louisiana to legalize Marijuana. As you can see the misconception of marijuana is arrogant and pitiful and change is very necessary Throughout this essay, I will pinpoint on why Louisiana should lift the ban on Marijuana use.

Marijuana has a lot of benefits, use for its medical use in which doctors recommend although Medical marijuana is legal in 29 states Louisiana is not one of them, which means we have a lot of work to do that is. By Marijuana being classified as Schedule 1 drug which means it has potential for abuse and no use medical, Research has been made and verify that in fact, marijuana helps numerous of patients dealing with their illness, so, therefore, it shouldn’t be in that categories. There’s an active chemical in medical marijuana called Cannabinoids which helps the body to react to appetite, memory, and movement. It can reduce pain in patients and stop muscle spasms. Marijuana could also treat people who suffer from eating disorders such as Anorexia Nervosa, Marijuana could increase appetite. The medical use also helps women who suffer from Posttraumatic disorder. Its also was discover that the drug patients who been diagnosed with HIV/Aids. Kim Kardashian grandmother is a user of medical marijuana in which she uses to treat pain in her back. Your grandmother is an incredible amount of pain, Her doctor says that a drug that could stop but because of the government she cants have it. That drug is marijuana. Marijuana needs to be studied and tested because it needs to improve its effectiveness, but because of legal issue doctors have restricted it from it.

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Most people on marijuana have a to knowledge on marijuana, their still stuck in the 1970s concept thinking marijuana kills brain cells and lower sperm cells in males etc. Legalizing marijuana in Louisiana should happen is because if Alchcol is legal in Louisiana so should Marijuana be. Marijuana has no reports in Louisiana on harming people whatsoever, but there are numerous reports of drunk driving accidents and DWI’s, Why is Alcohol legal in Louisiana and marijuana is not? Louisiana ranks top 10 in DWI collision and yet you tell me Marijuana is so harmful. People die from an overdose from alcohol and Marijuana has never had a fatal overdose, American Scientist report alcohol is one of the most toxic drug and Marijuana on the other is hand is the least toxic. The Health-related costs associated with alcohol use far exceed those for marijuana use, Health-cost related costs for alcohol is six times higher than those for marijuana consumers. Alchcol uses damage the brain Marijuana does not affect it, despite the myths it does. Alcohol use is linked to cancer, Marijuana use is not, Alcohol use is linked to different types of cancer such as stomach, colon, lungs, etc while marijuana has no reports of causing cancer. Alcohol use is a major fact in violent crimes, Marijuana use is not. This paragraph is not to down or be against alcohol but to compare the two substance thats legal and illegal, and to inform the government officials of Louisiana to know that Marijuana is doing that much harm to something that is legal and harming people. The way that weed doesn’t straightforwardly cause demise and furthermore doesn’t prompt other unsafe illnesses just demonstrates why it ought to be lawful. The arrangement obviously ought to be changed if the legislature doesn’t much consider the medication a peril to illness. Be that as it may, the legislature has such a major worry on liquor utilize and invests most its energy stressing over that. On the off chance that weed is certainly not a noteworthy worry for the administration then why not simply make it lawful. On the off chance that it isn’t sufficiently hazardous to try and have a class then is there any valid reason why it wouldn’t be legitimate. The arrangement is obviously wrong and much be changed.
The government spends over 50 million dollars on war drugs against marijuana. Legalizing Marijuana would be saved for Louisiana especially Economics. Why are we wasting taxpayer’s money on prisoners just for simple marijuana charge? Being the fact that if Louisiana releases all prisoners that has a charge dealing with marijuana, it would save people money being the fact that taxes wouldn’t be spent on prisoners that committed such acts. This could also mean more money in Louisiana, and provide many jobs to unemployed, which could be a great essential to the U.s global encomny, by saving money this could bring money into schools installing better drug programs in both private and public schools. On the off chance that the approach was changed and it could be sold in stores it would prevent kids from offering altogether. Being a merchant would be way less compelling and it could stop many drug-dealers and clean up the streets. President Roosevelt felt like making weed illegal, gives people limitations on freedom because president Roosevelt believed weed gave its users a”Free” mindset. Legalizing marijuana was also cut down on the Police enforcement targeting the African American community, which is the leading race in the using of marijuana. In addition, This would help the Black community crime rates go down being that marijuana is now legal and lets the Louisiana police department focus on more serious crimes. Likewise, it could be an incredible method to allow people to relax. people like to unwind on an ordinary premise. For the most parts, the indications of “Maryjane” are extremely mellow and are anything but difficult to manage. Not all the time its users are “wild or in a condition of a threat “when using this drug. Weed is a medication that effectively fabricates resistance and enables individuals to deal with the side effects better. On the off chance that individuals can deal with the side effects and utilize the medication appropriately I don’t understand why it shouldn’t be legal. Numerous Americans will disclose to you that the indications are substantially more positive than negative

There are many different opinions on the legalization of marijuana.people think its users smoke to deal with more social problems than health or personal. One argument is stating that if marijuana is made legal, then children could reach them, which has been proven to be inaccurate. The biggest argument made is that marijuana is considered as a”gateway drug” which people argue that could lead you to harder substance like cocaine and heroin etc. This statement is completely inaccurate due to the fact the majority of people started off smoking cigarettes or drinking alcohol, does that e mean either of this is a”gateway drug”?.The government thinks Legalizing marijuana could lead to decline, in standards of society which the government fears because it wants society to follow rules. People also argue that getting access to marijuana is far easier than getting access to alcohol or cigarettes. I think this happens only because Drug-dealers don’t ask for ids, having restrictions and guidelines will have an effect on situations like this.

In Conclusion, Louisiana needs to wake up and realize the natural benefits of marijuana and how could help the state and people of Louisiana. I mean if the government wants to waste millions of dollars on innocent offenders, then be my guest. Marijuana could clearly make this state better. Health is a major concern and this drug has proved more than one way this specific cause. Marijuana could help our government with money and reform justice system is another reason why Louisiana should legalize it. We as a state need to come together and see to this law being passed because it would bring us some great benefits. Also, This would keep drug-dealers down and legal shops open which would be another great reason. The law that preventing the legislation of marijuana in Louisiana needs to be lifted imminently. The government needs to see how great this would benefit the state.


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