Delegation is an important technique if done correctly

Delegation is an important technique if done correctly. It can bring benefits to the team and the team leaders. There will be times where barriers to delegation with arise. These can be from employees or from you the manager yourself.

Not enough time. – I am guilty of this. Managers think about delegating jobs when then their work load becomes overwhelming. They think its to late to pass this job on, i haven’t got the time to explain and train them to the standard required, i can do the job quicker myself. Once the jobs complete the need to delegate has gone out for their minds. This is where the manager should find the time to train the appropriate person so that next time it gets busy again the job can be delegated and you as a manager can focus your time on higher level tasks.
Losing control – Managers can feel like by delegating a role they are losing control. To over come this communication is key, frequently check the progress on the task and ask if they need any support, until you feel comfortable that the employee can preform the task as you like or are achieving the required information accurately.
Lack of confidence and trust (Fear of Failure) – This is where the manager doesn’t fully trust that their team/individual that is working towards a task will do a good enough job. One solution to this, is to let them make the mistake as it can be a great learning opportunity. it could open up the ideas of the individual and or help find new solutions to the task.

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