The topic which I choose for my proposal and report is education system in Pakistan ,the factors due to which our country is at last number in literacy list and tells which effects creates due to lack of education and at the end we will describe suggestion that will help to improve our education system that has become fall down even our Religion has focused on Education a lot .But instead of it we can’t improve our literacy rate. The purpose to write this paper is to describe the education system in Pakistan and tells which factors come in hindrance of our education system and which effects produce by not educating people properly. To get knowledge about our education system and to state a campaign against child labor and emphasize parents to educate their children. The main object is to know the value of education system in Islam and its implication in Islamic country Pakistan. In Pakistan illiteracy rate is growing day by day . As now speakers have noted that Pakistan is nearby of illiteracy rate. Introduction:
Education is the process of receiving or giving systematic instructions especially at schools, college and other such institutes .Education plays an important role in all countries including Pakistan. The progress of country depends upon education. There is none society nor country that ignores education and get success .Unfortunately the literacy rate in Pakistan is just 57percent..The progress of country depends upon the education rate… There are mainly three types of schools in Pakistan Primary, middle and secondary school .some schools are government schools where all expenses depend on government. Even teachers pays, students books, uniform and government. Give them scholarship to bear all expenses. Second schools are semi-govt. schools where expenses are divided between students and government and third type of schools are private schools which are very expensive and considered best schools in our country in these schools students themselves bear all expenses including their fees, books and even teacher’s pays are taken by students in form of students fees .There is another educational institute in Pakistan that is Madras system. In this system child get admission in madrisa where he or she gets Islamic education related to reading of Quran, translation of Quran, oral learning of Quran and such other courses are taught to students and one stage comes when he or she becomes a scholar. Now not only Islamic education is given to them but also education related to worldly affairs are taught to them. In Pakistan there are two types of languages that students learn in their schools native and international language…Our native language is Urdu and in our education system Urdu is taught by children from nursery to intermediate level so that student can learn about their own language how it has originated and how people have used it and it becomes a compulsory subject and to learn Urdu subject student becomes to speak Urdu frequently. Not only native language plays an important role in our education system but also international language (English) plays an important role and now students take interest in English instead of Urdu. English is taught to students as a compulsory subject from nursery to bachelor class so that our students can run with world and can enlighten their names. As when we go for any job then our test and interview are held in English language. if we don’t teach students English then how can they become able to do job ..But alas now our students don’t like to learn Urdu language as they think that this language has no scope in this age so they focus on English language as it is considered international language and people prefer this language as it is considered that the person who get master’s degree in Urdu is dull student and person that get master’s degree in English is a brilliant language as we have forgotten that every country force on its own language instead of Pakistan. Education is not only important to get income and to distinguish among good and evil but also it is important because education makes a man human being .There are many living beings including birds and animals but Allah has created human being as intellectual creature only due to education .we live in Islamic country and Islam emphasis on education as first Ayah that comes also about education…And once our Prophet (P.B.U.H) said that “To get Education is compulsory for every man and woman ”
Unfortunately instead of living in Islamic country in some rural areas it is considered that education is right only of men not women because woman’s duty is only to get married and do domestic works and brought up children. While this opinion is totally wrong as it is said that man’s education is only education of one person whereas woman’s education is education of full tribe. If a woman is educated then she can brought up her children in accurate way and become able to teach her child the discrimination between right and wrong where as if she will be uneducated then how can she do all works and brought up her children in a good manners and teach her children manners of life and activates. So that education is right of everyone in society and everyone should get it and become a good citizen…Without education man is worse than animal. So we should abolish this discrimination between male and female and should give education to both. As now there is no profession and institutes where female don’t do job…Now women have become doctors ,engineering, pilot, politician and adopt such other honor profession and enlighten not only their names but also their family ,their society and their country. As in Silence the first president of country is a woman and in our country a woman BENAZIR BHATTO remained a president and shuts the mouths of all ignorant people who say that woman can’t do anything instead of doing domestic life. But now we see that women not only do domestic jobs but also doing jobs and spend their lives happily as there is no difference between man and woman if we teach them both to consider them equal.
In an Article of Pakistan it is said that students should give education free from five age to sixteen age. Education is necessary as we see Quran there is one ayah which describes “Get education from cradle to grave” .from it shows that education is very important factor in our lives as once is described in Quran Get education even you have to go China. It shows that we should get education even if we have to go abroad or far areas only for purpose of education. It is said that that ink of scholar is better than martyr .Allah has compared scholar to martyr it is also said that if you died on the way to get education and if you died then you are called martyr. There are many factors due to which our literacy rate is very low. Our education system depend upon examination system. We held classes and teachers give lectures to their students and at the end of year we held test and exams to students to know about their knowledge that they have gained in whole year and when student passes exam then student promotes in next class and to this process whole education system goes and run away in our country. Educators believe that improving the quality of teachers will improve the quality of education .The main illiteracy rate in our country is that there is only one and same education for all students including dull and intelligent students. Rather there should be different education levels for dull and intelligent students because a mental level of both students totally different from another and they can’t pick same thing at the same time. We should launch separate schools for dullish students where education system should be according to their mental levels and teachers should treat them politely and give education according to their mentality. Analysis:
We should abolish the differences of gender differences regarding education because in Islam all people are equal and there is no difference between their rights .Even now Government has started programs for hermaphrodites so that they also can get education and become successful. As now Quaid_E_Azam university has appointed a hermphophrodite professor in their department. There are many factors due to which literacy rate is very low in Pakistan . First is mentality of our males especially in rural areas as they do not teach their daughter because they think that if they teach their daughter they become shameless. Second is not available facilities to public as there is no near school or transport problem. Third is poverty. .As a lot of population in our country belongs to low and middle class so that it is difficult for them to teach their children so they use child labor option and reject education. And the most important factor is inflation…inflation is raising day by day in Pakistan and our population belong to low and middle class so they can’t teach their students because in thus era they have only one options either to educate their children or eat better and mostly choose option two. Another factor is low rate of our education system in Pakistan is that Parents think that this education is not benefit for girls so they don’t allow their daughters to get education .
Due to all these factors people don’t get Education and many negative effects create. Such as robbery; child abuse; and all social evils increase as when they don’t get education how can they become to discriminate between right and wrong and to get money in short way they adopt wrong ways. Another effect that creates in our society is that people have no knowledge about their bloody relations and even now father rapes his own daughter, brother rapes her own sister and such many cases come on scene it’s all due to lack of knowledge and education .If they get knowledge then they come to know that we should respect such relation and ALLAH has announced punishment for such criminals.
There are many factors due to which our education system has become a prey of diminution.
1- The basic problem of our education is absence of planning .
2- School constructions are in a bad form. Buildings are deserted and run-down. They are thousands of schools deprived of appropriate classrooms. There is no suitable furniture or services of drinking water, lavatories and playing grounds.
3- New systems of teaching and resources to make lessons more exciting to the students have not been assumed.
4- Our course is not modernized to compete with the rest of the world. It has no straight linking with the applied life which the students will have to face after the achievement of his studies.
5- Apportionment of expensive for the education sector is not sufficient. Corruption is one of the major fundamental factors for failure of educational strategy
Future Challenges: There are many suggestion that have discussed below through which we can better our education system and can force everyone to get education. 1-Government should force on education and should launch new and latest programs to increase the education in country.
2-Government should punish those people who do not get education and prefer child labor on education and keep their children illiterate. 3-government should give free education to all people and should give scholarship to that student who can’t afford their education expenses. 4-Government should open girl’s schools and colleges in all rural and urban areas in short distance. 5-People should give education to their children including sons and daughters so that they can run with this era and can enlighten their future. 6-Government should give training to teachers and in this training they should teach how they have to teach children.
7-Government should launch separate schools for dullish students and should train teachers for themselves.. 8-There should be training centers where teacher’s gets training before teach and learn all rules and regulation to teach because a teacher is like a ladder who remains at same place but helps others to climb on and get bright future . To sum up: These are suggestions that we have written above if public and government take notice of it and takes serious steps to improve education system of Pakistan then InshAllah one day comes when we will at the top of literacy race .As Shelley says “IF winter comes can spring be far behind .Every cloud has a silver lining”.
These are suggestions that we have written above if public and government take notice of it and takes serious steps to improve education system of Pakistan then InshAllah one day comes when we will at the top of literacy race .As Shelley says “IF winter comes can spring be far behind .Every cloud has a silver lining”.
There are many suggestions to which we can improve our education system in our country and can increase literacy rate in Pakistan . Government should force on education and should launch new and latest programs to increase the education in country and punish those people who do not get education and prefer child labor on education and keep their children illiterate and should give scholarship to those students who can’t afford their educational expenses. Government should launch separate schools for dull students and should train teachers for such students