An ant colony has its own structure just like any other community that can be divided into different strata

An ant colony has its own structure just like any other community that can be divided into different strata, functions and roles. The queen is the focus point and most important part of the colony since she is the only one who can lay eggs and ensure the continuous spread of the colony. However, the title “queen” is only given to her because she is the only one that can lay thousands of eggs and that makes her the mother of the colony but there is no rule connected to her status of being queen. Since the queen is overly protected, she lives longer than the others. On the other hand, the workers hold the largest population in the colony simply because they have the biggest role in maintaining the order in the colony. They are responsible in digging tunnels to serve as a shelter for the colony and collecting food and materials to protect the colony from predators. The workers also act as the soldiers or the army and they live only for a few months, but the queen exist for several years. If the queen perishes before she gave birth to a new queen, it will be an obstacle for the whole colony. There are four sizes of workers whose duty is to protect and nourish the queen. The minor, media, sub-major and major. The three smallest ants are responsible for killing the prey, feeding the queen, and feeding the larvae while the major is the one responsible for defending the colony. Unlike humans, ants have a different way of communication. They depend on chemicals secreted by others that can alert them if there is danger around or a source of food. These insects may be small, but they are surely fearless among their class. These facts can be a reason why ants are still existing up to this date. However, just like humans, there are also ants who defy the norms set by the society. One type of ants known as army ants do not settle in one place due to their nature of seeking for food to sustain their large colonies during migration season.


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