After these modifications

After these modifications, the modified path model (Figure 7.3) had 9 observed variables, and thus, it had 45 (calculated by 9×10/2) observations (distinct sample moments). According to the AMOS Parameter Summary, the modified model (a) had 26 unfixed parameters (distinct parameters to be estimated). As a consequence, the modified path model was overidentified with 19 (45-26) degrees of freedom (Table 7.6).

Number of distinct sample moments: 45
Number of distinct parameters to be estimated: 26
Degrees of freedom (45 – 26): 19
Table 7.6 Computation of degrees of freedom (Modified path model, AMOS Output)

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The path estimates from the ML method for the modified model is shown in Table 7.7. All of the 5 direct paths were statistical significant (p


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