After reading from page 78-88

After reading from page 78-88, and learning about the 4 steps of coaching, and reviewing all examples in the book, I most likely would not follow the procedures as it was mentioned. All players have different talents, and that is what tryouts or meant for. We are limited on the number of players we can have on the team, so it comes in good hand to see what they can do before making decisions.
The expectation-performance, must be the same for all players, if you take the example 1, in our text book (page 80) “How much will you rely on your own observation of the players…rather than feedback by assistant coach…”(Williams & Krane, 2015), You should rely on both. However, it is important to know that feedback from seasoned assistant coaches can interfered, by preference in players. If I have the position of a coach, I need to make new tryouts, to see what players can do and who needs work and who needs reinforcements. The examples given in our text book seemed the other way around. Is true that on player will stand out more the another, but a single player can’t win a team sport by himself.
I Would use the system, from previous Director, because I believe that radical change won’t help. As I get familiar with players and the system, I know there will be room from improvement. Not always a system of work is bad and need change, what may be needed is how to work the system better. In the case provided here, because a player is in a low level, doesn’t mean he can be worked up to high level. That would be up to me, the new director, to make sure coaches are motivating all players to be as good as the best player in the team by providing useful feedbacks.
Accordantly to Strube ; Strand, the feedback teachers and coaches provide to students and athletes influences their achievement in physical education and sport setting. Feedback can be used to correct mistakes and as a way to affect one’s motivation levels. All players have unique talents, and the best evaluation a coach must start with is on why and rather the players wants to be there, see if there is passion or implications from others to be there playing. Just because is not enough.


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