ABSTRACT Wireless Sensor Network

Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) connects the physical and computational world
by monitoring environmental phenomenon through ubiquitous devices called sensor
nodes or motes. In India, there are different types of problems. One of the main
problem is the water shortage. The proposed system will help to optimize use of
water in dam construction. The objective of the system is to reduce the wastage of
water in the field of dam construction. This process is dependent on different factors
such as soil moisture and humidity .WSN provides accurate information about
these environmental characteristics. The continuous monitoring of dams via sensors
includes temperature and humidity values coming from several sensors installed in
the environment. These values are processed using Newton’s Forward Differential
Method. After getting result, decision can be made for optimization of water.
Keywords: Moisture and Humidity Sensor,Wireless Sensor Nodes,Newton’s Forward
Differential Method.1.9 Goals and Objectives
To Optimize use of waterTo reduce human effortsTo provide automated decision support system for dam constructionSystem Description: Input:water level of soil.
Output:The optimal value of soil to determine how much water should provide
to soil.3.1 Project Idea
Newton’s forward Differencial method is used to take readings in the field n
where taking manual reading is not possible.If we have two readings 30 meters
away then we have to consider all the points between two readings.The main
purpose of this project is to supply water to soil if only if there is need of water.
So Newtonas forward Differential technique is very useful.Objectives behind
this project is to reduce human efforts, to utilize available water properly,to
provide real time decision for water management
3.2 Motivation of the Project
The main motive towards our project is to use water as it required.The main
problem in India,’Water Scarcity’.There are most of the people all over the
world who dont have access to water or, if they have access, that water is unable
to be used. About 70% of the Earths surface is covered with water and 3% of it
is actually freshwater that is fit for human consumption.Conclusion and future scope
WSN applications is an exciting new area of research that will greatly improve quality
in dam construction and optimize use of water. Furthermore, the ease of deployment
and system maintenance, monitoring opens the way for the acceptation of
WSN systems in dam construction field. By using the Newtons forward differential
method, in finding the optimal sensor topology, we contrive to lower the implementation
cost and thus we make WSN a more appealing solution for optimization
of water in dam construction .This paper presents potential applications of ZigBee
wireless technology in dam constrution that is extended to real time field monitoring
to automate dam control.


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