Abstract Advertising is growing day by day

Advertising is growing day by day. It is important for an economy. It is an effective way to obtain the important information about the product. The aim of advertisement is to increase demand. Consumers were attracted and influenced by the flash of advertisement on the silver screen. In this research paper we examine the impact of advertisement on consumer behaviour on college students. The purpose of this paper is to investigate the role of advertisement of clothes towards buyers. We prepared questionnaire to estimate the impact of advertising the clothes on social media which influence the most. Our samples are the college students and we collected our data from them. Formal, Casual and sports clothes has been taken into consideration and the sources they used to buy clothes. “We hypothesize that Advertisement influences consumer’s behaviour and preferences for a brand and our null hypotheses is that advertisement does not influence consumer’s behaviour and preference for a brand.

Methods and Design:
In our research we will use correlation method in order to find the relation between the two
variable that are advertisement and the clothing behaviour of people. In the research we are going
to conduct a survey. we use survey as our method because we find it easy and it will give us
quick results from the samples. In the survey we are going to use questionnaire, questionnaire is
a list of different type of questions. We will use Likert scale and Nominal scale in the survey.
Moreover, the survey will be conducted in the premises of Alexander College in psych 217 class
among the 24 samples. We will first distribute the consent forms in order to get permission from
them and then we will distribute the questionnaire that will consist 15 different questions related
to types of clothes and the sources of advertisement. We will allow the samples to skip the
questions or to give unique will be quantitative method and we will add only one
type of questions that are close ended questions because these types of questions are easy to
understand. We will use questionnaire as an instrument and then to analyze the data we will use
bar graph, and pie chart. To compute the average responses of each question it is expected that
we will choose relevant questions from the questionnaire and we will calculate the average
percentage of responses from the selected questions. Therefore, it will be easy for us to calculate
data and to give the quick results about our research.

Advertisement is a brand building through effective communication and is basically a service industry. Advertisement helps in various ways as it creates demand, sponsor marketing and enhancement economic growth. Advertisement is directly related to the groups of people rather than individuals. Advertising is an economic program with only one objective behindhand to increase the consumer demand of the product as well as to improve the sales. Many advertisers and agencies believe that advertising creates “magic in the market place” (Russell & Lane, 1996). It is obvious from definitions of advertisement that with the change in times there have been changes in the way advertising is seeming. However, with all these changes advertising has always been a very strong establishment, which has sustained to influence our lives since the beginning of time. So advertising is a way of gaining sales efficiency and of keeping selling expenses low.