“. This ambiguous description cautions the reader as to who this person is but as the novel progresses we learn that Keith is just as naïve and innocent as Stephen even though he is presented by the writer to be fairly aloof. Frayn portrays Stephen as a weak boy and highly dependent on Keith which is exploited by Keith. For example when the boys go into Keith’s mothers study Stephen voices his concern that her journal is “private” but Keith has no qualms about such matters and dismisses his friend’s comment. Frayn then conveys this dismissive nature to follow a similar pattern when Stephen is playing with the binoculars and Keith ‘snatches them away from him’ and then patronisingly suggests ‘Go home if you’re bored, old bean’ which is a phrase he has copied from his father to belittle Stephen. The author displays that Stephen finds it hard to articulate himself so Keith attempts to provide what he lacks which ironically