1. What relationship does President Eisenhower draw between events in the modern Civil
Rights Movement and the goals of the United States in waging the Cold War?
Now according to President Eisenhower’s dialog, he presented his outlook around how our rivals remained watching anything that is untying in our own country. During President Eisenhower’s dialog, he revealed that the high school, nearby little rock, ensured the lack of African students wanting to attend there new school. For a second time, here are the irritated masses in opposite of the schools where children of all many races would be capable of attending. Although at the same time utilizing national guards to avoid kids from worrying. Exclusively, seeing how America would use power on the African American, therefore this statement comes hooked on through the civil rights movement, and evenhanded how impressive this law ended coming out and imaginable to find the balance that was needed. Furthermore, Eisenhower also thought in his speech that it was very significant that the motives for his deed can be agreed upon by all of our peoples. He wanted little rock to be protected and for everyone to not only to become equal but for everyone to also have voting rights. It was a battle between him and oval faubus but in the end Eisenhower had more power for justice.

2. How does the Alcatraz Proclamation and the “The Soiling of Old Glory” photograph reflect the increasing radicalization of the Civil Rights Movement by the 1970s as well as the violent responses it could produce within Anglo American communities?
The Proclamation was a huge push for every tribe to have some type of equality and power. For them this was a source for them to be equal and have the same rights as others. The violent responses could cause an outrage for many reasons, whether it is good or bad, you can’t satisfy everybody. Racism played a big part which caused everything to increase including the cause of the civil rights movement. The whole goal was to make everyone have complete freedom and for everyone to have the same rights as the next person. Both the Alcatraz proclamation and the soiling of old glory issues imitate on the civil rights movement because they all are fighting for freedom and equality. They all had something in common and were all fighting for some type of justice. One of the biggest responses was masses of protesting and then resulting in violence because of a verdict. The soiling of old glory photograph reflects a lot on the increasing radicalization because of the verdict after each time someone would sign a petition and someone wouldn’t agree, causing chaos to erupt. The response after 1970’s, African Americans were finally free at last and had the right to vote. All groups are now equal and there is no more segregation after the civil rights movement. Even the Angelo American communities are satisfied that they don’t have to go through anything that has to do with discrimination. With the help of Rosa parks and MLK, they have pushed for a better future and economy for everyone during that point of time

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3. Soiling of old glory
The Indians wanted to take their property back through a statement that the property belongs to them through finding that they later believed to wage the USA money, but they said it was extremely high priced. Therefore the actions were a method to battle within the Anglo-American communities. The events of the civil rights and the descriptions of the treatment of non-white Americans had remained an issue which might easily breakdown into a war hard to control. The achievement of the white civil rights activist commanded to the development of further sets to hostage the whites. President Eisenhower suspected in the rule of law and for all the races are required by the state law court. This deed could have caused his irritation to arrest the offender to serve as a sample to the people who were against it. The tension in America through 1970 was chaos each second from that point on because of the development of opposite civil rights movement, nonetheless the president mounted his ground to sustain the rule of law besides seeing the execution of the verdict in the state of court. I also feel that Eisenhower would have sent in people to protect them from violence while him trying to fix everything. Eisenhower would have probably reacted the same way as he would like he reacted to the little rock nine school issue. I can also see that in the photo that my first impression was a white man attacking an African American with the USA flag while what seems to me is that the man behind the victim almost looks like he is pulling him away from harm. Also President Eisenhower would have had a battle with Garrity and sent a request for troops to go in and save those people from discrimination. With President Eisenhower signing the civil rights act of 1957, it had led to their freedom.


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